Jordan Peterson – 12 Rules For Life Audiobook

Jordan Peterson – 12 Rules For Life Audiobook

12 Rules For Life Audiobook – By Jordan Peterson

It was through YouTube that I met Dr Peterson. Not being a psychologist, but having, like many, I believe, problems to solve, I rummaged on the net. And then, I don’t know, I came across this guy who speaks only in English, this somewhat austere Canadian, not so young, who combines the clinical experience of the psychologist, the modern theoretical approach, the encyclopedic knowledge, curiosity of mind, taste for teaching, intellectual honesty and charisma. That’s a lot, that explains his success and I guess that annoys some.

I am not an expert in English and I looked for the translation of his book in French. I ended up unearthing, this summer, a Spanish translation of his book, bound, to the supermarcado, I was going to say between the toys and the salad. Not being an expert in Spanish either, I still read a good third of it before finding the French paperback version during a stay in France. So I finished my first reading and started my second reading, much slower and more attentive.

This is not a course. It’s more of a kind of transmission. We find there, arranged in a little more than 12 chapters, everything the author wants to share, to probably tell the young adult without a compass that he was. His advice is based on all of his experience, observations and reflections. It makes the book quite unclassifiable. I found it in France in the “personal development” section, drowned among so many other works – perhaps excellent too. Why not in the psychology department? It is true that Piketty’s last book was in the spotlight at this time and that it eclipsed all the others. Jordan Peterson – 12 Rules For Life Audiobook.

So this book is very rich and often it plunges me into a lot of thinking. young adults will certainly find many ideas to improve their lives. Both men and women. For my part, I am a confirmed retiree and reading it brings me many things. It’s a bit logical, whether you’re a young adult or retired, you are faced with a turn that is not easy to negotiate.

I was reading it on the train. I had to get off. A man did not resist and he approached me: Do you believe that life can be summed up in 12 tips? – I don’t know but this book is very interesting. And we don’t have to agree! – Ah yes ! He was relieved.

You might hear that his book comes down to 12 obvious rules, that it’s a lobster wrestling story, that Jordan Peterson is right-wing, that he’s a guru, that he’s too Christian – I am not, etc. Let talk and read carefully, while keeping all your critical mind awake, this is my advice. This work deserves to be known.



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