Dave Pelzer – A Child Called It Audiobook

Dave Pelzer – A Child Called It Audiobook

A Child Called It Audiobook – By Dave Pelzer

In the 1970s, two brothers, Dave and Richard Pelzer, of a sibling of five boys, were one after another the victim of their alcoholic and psychologically disturbed mother.

They lived in the little pink house at 40 Crestline Avenue in Daly City, California. The house is blurred on Google Map.

They both wrote their childhood stories:

– Dave wrote “A child called ‘it'”, “The lost boy” (foster families 12-18 years old) and “A man named Dave” (adult life, not translated into French);

– Richard wrote “A brother’s journey” (childhood and adolescence).

While Dave was taken out of his family at age 12 by social services, Richard stayed there.

Each confirms what the other has suffered. However, the maternal grandmother and Scott, the mother’s “darling”, strongly denied the violence. Moreover, some skeptics have criticized them for a clever construction and keeping the reader in suspense in a nightmarish atmosphere with the sole aim of generating the tens of millions of dollars raised in the world.

For my part, I have read a lot of life stories and I find those of Dave and RIchard Pelzer to be among the most interesting. Dave Pelzer – A Child Called It Audiobook .

I think they’re both good at writing, which is common when you’ve been in pain, especially since Richard, on top of that, was red and stammered. Besides, Dave went on to write “The privilege of youth” (not translated into French), and both specialize in child abuse and self-reconstruction.

Reconstruction and resilience.

In his 2nd book, Dave tells how he rebuilt himself with host families and at work by using the qualities he developed during his survival.

In his book, Richard shows extremely well how one can remain paralyzed by fear to the point of suffering the blows and the insults without defending himself, whereas one is bigger and stronger than his mother physically and that one could. send a waltz with a single punch. He understood the reason around the age of 16 and revealed it at the end of his book.

Little icing on the cake: faith in God is not developed in the accounts of Dave and Richard; but like other fascinating authors whose stories of painful lives I have read, notably Americans and Irish, they have acquired it. This confirms the idea that pain makes it possible to understand the suffering of Christ on the cross and to touch the mystery of God. Dave Pelzer – A Child Called It Audiobook .

A beautiful house in a quiet suburb, a father respected thanks to his profession, schoolchildren who work well, a car, a garden, in short, a family apparently without problems but which hides pain, it’s a bit my own childhood and that is surely why the Pelzer story touches me so much.