Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol Audiobook

Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol Audiobook

A Christmas Carol Audiobook – By Charles Dickens



Charles Dickens, born in 1812 and died in 1870, is an essential English writer and an emblematic figure of British literature. His major work is the well-known Oliver Twist, followed closely by David Copperfield. A particularly prolific author, he wrote twenty short stories and ten novels, as well as several plays. Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol Audiobook.

Having experienced the work himself as a young child, he became a very active activist. His writings and pamphlets denouncing child labor and its living conditions (eg Oliver Twist) were so influential that they led to a series of reforms.

Generally speaking, Dickens wrote to describe his time, with great humor and irony. He liked to appeal to the feelings of his readers, with heartwarming scenes, in order to make them reflect on the stratification of Victorian society. Charles Dickens acquired great fame during his lifetime, and his work left a lasting mark on popular culture.

A Christmas Carol (AChristmasStory)is his first and most famous tale, which inspired numerous film adaptations.




Scrooge, hero of this tale, is an old man suffering from acute stinginess who hates Christmas more than anything. As the fateful day approaches, the ghost of his former partner visits Scrooge to warn him: if he continues to be execrable with his neighbor, he will be doomed to wander as a ghost all eternity. . Three ghosts will therefore visit him to try to change his attitude. Both humorous, sad and hallucinatory work, there is no doubt that it will mark your mind. It is also since the publication of the news that the Anglo-Saxons greet each other with a Merry Christmas! during the Christmas holidays. Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol Audiobook.




Original publication: 1843

First French publication: éd. Hachette, 1857

Translation: Mlle de Saint-Romain and M. André de Goy under the direction of P. Lorain.

104 pages