Sarah J. Maas – A Court of Wings And Ruin Audiobook

Sarah J. Maas – A Court of Wings And Ruin Audiobook

A Court of Wings And Ruin Audiobook – Sarah J. Maas

My reading pace, a little slowed down, is explained by the density of the story, the richness of the vocabulary used (despite my rather good level in English), and it must also be recognized, my lack of emphasis with the heroine that I find a bit excessive in his reactions and other things that irritated me. Sarah J. Maas – A Court of Wings And Ruin Audiobook.

Let me explain.

The story opens with Feyre’s shenanigans in the heart of the Printemps court and the tangle that she weaves, thread by thread, methodically, relentlessly to achieve her ends: the collapse of Tamlin’s kingdom from within. , thanks to the seeds of revolt that it instills in the hearts of the subjects of the spring court. We discover a calculating Feyre, cold, guided by her thirst for revenge and happy to witness the programmed collapse of the spring court.

At no time have I been an admirer or an emphasis with her. I find that she is guided by the wrong reasons. She cannot forgive Tamlin for having united with the King of Hybern, for turning her sisters into fairies and has boundless resentment against her since he was the one who imprisoned her, did not let her go. expressing freely, confining her to roles of potiches without the right to speak: unacceptable for this heroine with a strong character, who continues to assert herself over the volumes of the ACOWAR series.

Unfortunately for the reader that I am, open to forgiveness and redemptions, the same is not true for our dear Feyre who has put himself in the head: Tamlin will not have the right to a second chance, he passes very quickly from the category “handsome male frequentable with a tempestuous temperament” to “ugly tyrannical traitor to destroy”, without going through the box “temperance: perhaps we should take a step back and think a little about the motivations of this dear Tamlin … ”. Because obviously, there is nothing all white or all black in this series… Tamlin’s actions are governed by the overflowing love he has for Feyre. Her protective instinct has pushed her, in the past, to curb her in her aspirations for freedom and action… Yes, it’s true. But hey, why can’t she forgive him? Rhys also had to commit atrocious, shameful acts to protect his family, and yet Feyre knew how to accept them, to ignore them to offer him his heart unconditionally. In short, I do not understand why what she accepts from one, she does not tolerate from the other.

Also, I had become very attached to Tamlin in the first volume … Why does the author try to deconstruct our empathy for him? It doesn’t work so well for me! He was able to show so much patience, even gentleness, to tame Feyre when he started out in the Cour du Printemps. He knew how to protect her too … In short, the grudge is a bad thing and, in this sense, the behavior without half measures of our heroine annoys me (I do not appreciate the treatment that Rhys inflicts on her at the end either. of this volume: he is sorely lacking in class when he shoots the ambulance… Those who have read the story will know what I’m referring to). In short. Let us return to Feyre. She has a short memory. She leaves at the quarter turn, scuttles the courtyard of Spring and, at no time, does not think that he is perhaps not what he seems to be and that he works for the good. (he expressed in the first volume his rejection of tyranny and repressive regimes, enslaving humans) …

You will understand, I continue to love the character of Tamlin (feeling reinforced by actions filled with bravery and self-sacrifice which he is the author of three-quarters of the book but which leaves Feyre in a certain indifference or, in any case, which does not awaken in her a feeling of forgiveness). However, I find that the real hero of this volume is him because despite the crazy love that devours him, he never gives in to jealousy or revenge (him!)!

I also found that the passages leading up to the establishment of alliances to counter the armies of the kingdom of Hybern were long, but long! I clearly did not hang on.

I regretted that the passage describing the confrontation between Feyre and the Ouroboros mirror was so little fleshed out or even sloppy …

I am also disappointed by the personality of the Feyre sisters: Nesta is so cold that any form of empathy towards her is me foreign! Already, in the first volume, the coldness and indifference which she showed in front of the young human Feyre forced to hunt in the biting winter to feed all her family had revolted me … I do not understand either the perseverance of this poor Cassian: she clearly does not deserve his attachment, she is hateful and never encouraging! The author does not reveal enough about the powers of the latter … At the end of this volume, I feel frustrated because we are not much further ahead in her regard. What such terrible power has she really stolen from the Cauldron?

Elain, meanwhile, is described as a sumptuous beauty endowed with a gentle and delicate temperament and is endowed with visions, a gift offered by the terrible Cauldron who could not resist in front of so much grace during the latter’s transformation. Well, ok, well me, so much flatness has made me totally hermetic! This personality is sorely lacking in relief and I do not appreciate the disdain she shows towards poor Lucien, who is as badly abused as he is under-exploited in this volume.

Good and then, the heroic and melodramatic return of the father of these dear three sisters at the end of the story seemed to me frankly capillotracted!

Another downside: I read the book in English and the author uses “my mate” on every corner of the pages when Feyre refers to his dear Rhysand… No, no more nian nian, you die! Since I approach the “romance” side, I also insist on another point: this novel is clearly not to be handed over to all hands… It is not “young adult”, some passages are clearly explicit! !!

Let’s come back to the positive points: I appreciated being able to meet, in this volume, the High Lords of the other courts, Varian, Amren’s lover, seeing Tarquin again… It was also jubilant to find some terrifying characters becoming “surprise” allies…

I also appreciated the roughness, the harshness of Amren’s temperament which will prove to be a trump card in the outcome of the terrible war between Hybern and the other Fae realms. She never ceases to surprise us, shows humanity (in this respect much more than Nesta!): This is reflected in her acts of war and love. Sarah J. Maas – A Court of Wings And Ruin Audiobook.

Mor’s revelations will also enlighten us on his amorous procrastination…

Finally, I like the “bromance” uniting Rhys, Cassian and Azriel. All three have lived through very difficult times and these ordeals lived together, they came out united to life, to death.

The passage relating to the reunion between Feyre and the suriel moved me to tears.

The author lets us glimpse a sequel focused on the Nesta / Cassian relationship (it was about time because the romance focused on Rhys and Feyre was frankly starting to smell marshmallow). I do not appreciate Nesta, you will understand it, but I will give her a second chance and I will, I hope, be happy to discover her adventures with Cassian…

In short, I enjoyed reading this book but not as much as for volumes 1 and 2.