A Feast For Crows Audiobook

A Feast For Crows Audiobook

A Feast For Crows Audiobook – (Song of Ice And Fire Book#4)




Few novels have left such a strong impression on me as each of the Game of Thrones tomes that I have read; and this sensation increases with each reading. After completing Book 4, a stubborn wave-to-soul still clings to me and I stand there, floating between regret for having turned the last page and impatience to hold Book 5 in hand.

But regardless of my emotions as a reader, let’s come to the content instead! (And I will not beware of spoilers, so let those who do not want to see the substantive core of the work be deflowered by their path!)

As the author specifies on the last page, this volume only focuses on a handful of characters. May the admirers of Tyrion, Daenerys and Jon take their troubles patiently: they should be there in volume 5. In the meantime, we enter into the thoughts and actions of …

  1. Arya, in a few relatively rare passages. The Survivor landed in the famous Braavos, city of origin, let us remember, of her fencing master Syrio Forel as well as the famous Jaqen H’Ghar. There, she joined the temple of the god Multiface. The little girl hardens herself again, if possible, and kills in cold blood for the first time.
  2. Her sister Sansa has cut back on her pretensions as a spoiled little girl. Now in Eyrié where she pretends to be Alayne, the bastard daughter of Petyr Baelish, she learns the art of concealment and lies with her new mentor, while grappling with her degenerate cousin, Robert Arryn, a kid we can not more maddening. The assassination of Lady Lysa having left Littlefinger at the head of the Vale, the latter intrigues, always admirably, in order to be recognized in his place by the faults of the little heir. What does he want ? The power, the fortune, and the daughter of the woman who once despised him? Waiting to see how far this extraordinary Machiavelli will go.
  3. Sam is forced by his friend and now Lord Commander Jon Snow to go to Villevieille to be trained as a master at the Citadel. He must take Mestre Aemon (Targaryen) on this perilous journey, as well as Vère, the savage he brought back from beyond the Wall, and his baby … Revelations also around this character, with a moving finale, the death of the old man, who dies in an anthology of intuitive predictions as to the rest of the novel … and in particular the future of Daenerys, his great-great … granddaughter.
  4. The Grejoys are torn apart around the succession to the throne of Grés, old Balon having died falling from a bridge in a storm. As brash and impulsive as the Vikings, the men of this people (women hardly counting) also display a strange propensity never to use their brains and to always find themselves caught off guard whenever one of them circumvents. this tradition. Emerging from this molasses of big asshole nags Asha, the daughter of the deceased and sister of Theon, fine fly and who has some (without wanting to be vulgar) and the Eye-of-Choucas, one of his uncles, a little more sided than others.
  5. Newcomers, the Martells, princes of Dorne … Remember, the wife of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, who was raped by Gregor Clegane and then murdered while her baby was smashed against a wall, was a Martell. At the end of the previous volume, his brother, the Red Viper, died at the hand of the Mountain during the judicial duel to prove Tyrion’s innocence. Following this death, the principality is in turmoil. The bastard daughters of the Viper, say the Aspics of the Sands, wish revenge, and, in the same spirit, her niece, the heiress Arianne, plots to put Myrcella, the sister of King Tommen and the daughter on the Iron Throne. by Cersei. Is her father, old Prince Doran, really a coward as she claims or does he lead his own sons in the shadows? Revelations in shambles there too …
  6. Cersei the delicious … Ascended to the throne, almost, because she does not seem to decide to give up a bit of her authority to her son Tommen for whom she exercises the regency, she reveals for the reader to the full extent of his abilities. You are not going to be disappointed … from blunder to blunder, the daughter of Tywin Lannister, whom she imagines the worthy heiress, alienates all her potential allies, surrounds herself with morons so as not to risk losing a crumb of her power and ends up by dint of vile shenanigans by putting herself in the most perilous situation possible. And there, the superb imbecile calls for help …
  7. … Jaime. I keep for the end the two characters who made me vibrate the most. The personality of Cersei’s twin stands out more and more from that of her sister, to the point of making him almost a stranger to her. Obsessed by Tyrion’s revelations about Cersei’s depravity, the handsome blond grudgingly obeys Cersei’s orders, even though he realizes she’s leading them to a dead end (some tasty dialogue await you between the two characters). He finds himself having to perjure himself against the Tully, who are still entrenched in their castle of Vivesaigues, a castle that Cersei ordered him to take. How will he get out of this situation, which jeopardizes an honor that everyone denies him but that he wants to regain? And what will he respond to his sister’s cry for help?
  8. Brienne, who for me is now linked to him, so much the evocations of the other punctuate the stories of each of them. The Maid of Torth is still looking for Sansa Stark to honor Jaime’s promise to Catelyn. In the course of her tireless wanderings, she finds the brave Pod, remember, the squire of Tyrion. How far will her quest take her? This character is for me the most endearing of all; he is the feminine counterpart of Tyrion, much less cunning, the one who shows how little appearance matters when it comes to measuring the worth of a human being. He is also the exact counterpoint of Cersei and it is not trivial that Jaime makes the connection between these two characters who, moreover, find themselves at the end of this volume in a relatively similar situation.

Here is a very long criticism of A Feast For Crows Audiobook whereas only the main lines of this novel were approached. It is also teeming, as always, with many other revelations and characters. The translator’s pen, so decried by others, is equal to that of the other volumes, that is to say for me an enchantment, because it is colorful, poetic, precise, descriptive, in short, intensely immersive.

The breath remains intact.