Sabaa Tahir – A Reaper At The Gates Audiobook

Sabaa Tahir – A Reaper At The Gates Audiobook

A Reaper At The Gates Audiobook- (Book, 3) By Sabaa Tahir

After more than a year of waiting, that’s it, I read the blood price! The wait was huge, it’s my favorite saga, T2 promised a lot of beautiful things, all the reviews I read promised me tears and a broken heart. Well it’s bomb, it’s an amazing book, I just loved my reading! There were so many intense moments, and the story is so strong! I really fell in love with this volume, this saga, everything. Sabaa Tahir – A Reaper At The Gates Audiobookbothered

The point thatme the most is the excessive importance of magic, which has completely lost me at times! Basically if I like UBSLC it’s mostly for dystopia in fact ^^ I really liked all the development around Elias, since he brings the magical side of the story to him, but I don’t did not fully understand all the subtleties around jinns, magic, the Waiting Place, ect .. I know that the problem comes from me, too much fantasy is not my cup of tea in general ^^ But I let myself be carried away and in the end, even if I missed some info, it doesn’t bother me!

On the other hand, I liked the dystopia / political side a lot! I am a big fan of everything that is court intrigue, low blow, betrayal, political alliance, well you can say that I was served! Marcus, Hélène, Avitas, Keris, Livia, they play, they plot, they lose, they win, all the intrigues are linked and we keep saying to ourselves “but how are they going to get out of there ??”. We are really caught up in the actions, we feel concerned and we want to see how it will all end! The machinations of certain characters are so fascinating, and when the revelation of the plan arrives, we say to ourselves “but how I could not see it, it was in front of my eyes !!”. No really, it’s one of the most successful parts of the novel.

In terms of scenario, nothing to say, as usual Sabaa Tahir manages her story perfectly, you never get bored, it’s never far-fetched, everything fits together perfectly. The best moments are of course reversals, and there are a lot of them! They leave me speechless every time! There are plenty of memorable episodes, strong in action and emotion! And the end! So devastating and surprising! It didn’t break my heart, on the contrary, I really liked it and I’m so impatient for the rest!

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I can’t put words into everything I felt when reading, but it’s just crazy how the author trains us and gives us a lot of life! And as in the previous volumes, the great story is based on strong, powerful, endearing, complex characters.

The characters just transported me, so much they are confronted with terrible things, so much their feelings are intense. Once again, I don’t have the words to say how much I love these characters, they are so well written by Sabaa Tahir, with such complex personalities! I wish all books had characters of this magnitude! I loved the evolution of each hero. Laïa is not my favorite, her fight is noble for sure, she is very courageous and she will do great things in the last volume for sure! But his story didn’t reallyme, touchUnveiling the hidden text, neither on his role as leader, nor on his love with Elias. Besides, I find her a little hypocritical too, like the Scholars who are massacred by the Martials it is unacceptable, but the jinn who were massacred by the Scholars, that doesn’t matter! I know very well that this is typically human behavior, and we have the example of it in our own history, but I wanted to underline this little “hypocrisy”. Elias, even though I was less drawn to the magic side, has an exciting evolution! All his work to let go of his humanity to become one with magic, it was addicting to follow. I admit that at times he was in “I have to change, but I’m going to lose the people I love, but you have to continue working with ghosts, but I wouldn’t be human anymore, but I swore to Shaeva … “, the weather vane side made me want to shake it at times! Uncover hidden text. Let’s move on to the best character of this saga: Hélène. As in T2, the power of this character always leaves me speechless. She suffers a low blow, betrayal, defeat, she is alone against everyone, surrounded by crazy people, but she holds on, with this faith and this courage which leaves me in admiration.Uncover hidden text. Keris and Marcus are equal to themselves, exciting but completely nuts. Uncover hidden text. We also fell in love with Avitas, mysterious without being cliché, funny, kind, courageous. Sabaa Tahir – A Reaper At The Gates Audiobook.

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What more can we say? It’s an atomic bomb, addictive, with lots of intrigues that leave me very impatient to know the end, a top universe (especially for fantasy fans), and such intense characters! Must read!