Bill Bryson – A Short History of Nearly Everything Audiobook

Bill Bryson – A Short History of Nearly Everything Audiobook

A Short History of Nearly Everything Audiobook – By Bill Bryson

Ask a question, Bryson answers it in this clear, synthetic, lively book, which happily combines science and a smile. You will learn without effort by what luck, traits of genius, intuitions, deductions, experiments, debates, men have come to know the world as they know it today. Everything is there (or almost) of the history of science, our planet and the universe.


A wonderful companion, the reading of which should be recommended to all college students … and to their parents!


This book received in the United States, in 2004, the prestigious Aventis Prize for the best popular science book and, in 2005, the Descartes Prize for scientific communication, which was awarded to it by the European Union.


Review Of Bill Bryson – A Short History of Nearly Everything Audiobook:


Some parts in the distant lands of free will live a father and his son, both alone in the middle of eternity…

– You don’t think that we are pissed off a bit of 1981 years,

– Wait wait, son, I’m going to send them a fucking Tsunami, his mother, are going to bite the boloss there

– No, but you already did it to them in 2004

– Yeah but now, I’m going to blow up the light reactors

– Why are you so cruel ?

– Damn, but you’re a real chick Jesus, these

hit you there, you were barely 33 years old… You caught and crucified you alive…’ve had a

– Youprescription since time

– Cock, I’m going to do them suffer to the last

Or Otherwise there is the “Bing Bang” not to be confused with the “Bang bang” which holding her wavy mane, her rump in the air, you riding her behind the penis in the wind, then in the heat, then in the wind, then in the heat… and in a groan of cosmic pleasure:

“Arrrghhhhhhh, Jesus, Mary, Joseph…. get dressed now you disgust me… ”

No but oh, eh, let’s be serious for two minutes will you? Here I am talking to you about the beginning of the universe almost 13.5 billion years ago, to within a few billion years…


And chance was born, he fumbled a lot, to form the earth with its 4.5 billion years old and then comes life … And finally greasy to a few people who put end to end who managed to unravel certain mysteries, here we are today, time flies as you wish you, a sentence and we are already now… Yes but the author is writing the article for you with all the major transitions, from light to dust, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, he throws you some important names , some crisp anecdotes, here are 600 roughly well done pages, it’s simple, unpretentious, understandable and damn exciting… I want more, more…

– Fuck but who are you?

– Uh huh what…

– Why are you telling me all this?

– No, but it’s that…

– Look at you, you are completely popularized

– No, but for your son, I just wanted ….

– Leave my son alone and go to decultivate elsewhere

– No, but please, let me tell you about atoms, cells, plate tectonics, the sun, stars, dinosaurs, first humans, genes, bacteria, viruses…

– You hurt sir, stupefy yourself in front of the TV, TF1 bends over backwards for all of us and you scare the little one with your bullshit… A Short History of Nearly Everything Audiobook Free .

Here I am all alone, lost at the bottom of the hole of sanity, maybe he is right, nabilla to “oilpé” , it must be damn hornier than millions of sparkling stars, so I ruminate on a utopia that only passes briefly, but without stopping giving way to protests for all, to intolerance and to the intolerance of stupidity. leaves an old father and his son who are basking the pill in the distant lands of free will…

– «AM EN-me a handkerchief Jesus you want I have plenty at the end of the…. ”

– Rahhh but daddy you’re disgusting – Goddamn

it’s human that’s all …

During this time on earth:

a father said to his son” look at snow man how beautiful it is. ”

So his son asks him: “How does the snow come?”

And his father answers him: “It is Jesus who took too long for the handkerchiefs”

After having wiped himself well, God left to shake the staff of the Lord, and then it rained a flood …

See you guys …