Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo Audiobook

Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo Audiobook

The Count of Monte Cristo Audiobook – By Alexandre Dumas



My review is a bit like a birthday – and I’m glad it came across a good book … a timeless book!

However, it took me a long time to decide to read it! As many years as Edmond Dantès spent behind the bars of Château d’If! I think I was afraid to hope for too much … but, ultimately, what a story!

Originally published in the form of a very popular soap opera, followed and eagerly awaited by its readers, the critics of the time nevertheless condemned “Monte-Cristo” as “vulgar industrial product without literary value”. It is true that in many ways Dumas reminds me of his contemporary Eugène Sue, for his “dark romanticism” as taken from the “almanac” stories of the nineteenth century. the Count of Monte Cristo must have looked like, to a reader of the time, what Marvel superheroes are to our children.

Even if we must not forget the part that Auguste Maquet played in the writing and organization of the novel, the overall idea of ​​the story as well as the idea of ​​the count’s character come from Dumas. And Dumas says he “could collaborate even with the devil, provided he gives him a good idea!”

And the idea of ​​this adventure is damn good!

The beginning of the book, however, is quite Manichean – the “good guys” are too nice and the “bad guys” really mean. I kept saying to myself – “but wake up, Edmond, how dumb you can be!”

And when Edmond finally wakes up, it’s in prison … and it’s Father Faria who opens his eyes! Abbé Faria, for me, is a key character in the novel. The “mad scientist”, the “universal man of rebirth”; a mix between Leonardo da Vinci, Sherlock Holmes and Croesus. Thanks to him, Dantès leaves his prison as a true Byronian hero – scholar, aware of the bitter truths about the human race, infinitely free and (or because) infinitely rich. And he returns to civilization as the angel of vengeance, but also the angel of mercy.

Three names, three obsessions – Danglars, Villefort, Morcerf !!!

Revenge could be simple, but it’s Machiavellian – physical destruction is not enough, because moral destruction is much worse! And the dilemmas are numerous, because many honest people risk being carried away by the current …..

The other omnipresent theme of Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo Audiobook  – and one feels in it a blunt criticism of the high society of the time – is the absolute power of money. You just need to be rich, to give yourself an imaginary title of duke, count or prince, and even if everyone knows for a fact that it is false, you remain popular, entitled and regarded as such. Dantes knows it, and it suits him well! And heads fall, one after the other … divine providence at work which punishes the unjust and rewards the good.

Mane, tekel, headlights … there is only the fate of poor Mercedes that goes a bit against history. Is it a deserved fate? But the cross behind the past is final … it’s the end and the boat is leaving.

Good luck, Edmond Dantès!

NB – I can finally watch the film … I’ve never seen it. On purpose !