Andrzej Sapkowski – The Last Wish Audiobook

Andrzej Sapkowski – The Last Wish Audiobook

Andrzej Sapkowski - The Last Wish Audiobook
Andrzej Sapkowski – The Last Wish Audiobook



Le Dernier Vœu (original title: Ostatnie życzenie) is a fantasy fix-up novel, composed of seven short stories, written by Andrzej Sapkowski and published in Poland in 1993 then translated into French and published by Bragelonne editions in 2003. It is acts in fact of an enriched version of a first collection published in 1990 and thus constitutes the beginning of the saga of the witcher.

Presentation of the book
The Last Wish does not tell a single linear story but a series of short adventures whose common point is to stage the same hero, Geralt de Riv, also says the Butcher of Blaviken. This colorful character, recurrent in the author’s work, is a witcher, a member of a caste of mercenary mutants endowed with superhuman abilities thanks to magic and genetic manipulation. The world in which Geralt de Riv lives is indeed infested with evil creatures of all kinds: ghouls, vampires, striges, werewolves, etc. As a child, he underwent a rigorous training based on potions and magic herbs which caused in him a mutation developing his physical aptitudes as well as his five senses. Faster, stronger, Geralt can use his potions to increase his fighting abilities. The mutation also made her hair lose all color, which became completely white. Since then, often behaving like a true detective of magic affairs, he has engaged in a merciless hunt for monsters for retribution. For this purpose, he is armed with two swords, one of iron for human beings and the other of silver for monsters. Cynical and disillusioned, Geralt applies a very personal morality which does not believe in “the lesser evil”.

Content of stories

The book is divided into six independent short stories accompanied by a seventh whose story is inserted between each of the six.

The Witcher: the incestuous daughter of King Foltest, whom he had with his younger sister Adda, is declared dead at birth. But eight years later, the princess returned as a strige because of a curse allegedly posed by Foltest’s mother. She would not have endured the affection the king had for her sister. Each night of a full moon, she wakes up and leaves her coffin to go and feed on living beings. Geralt de Riv takes up the challenge of restoring his humanity to him in exchange for substantial compensation. This first story introduces the character with his main characteristics: a mercenary with superhuman abilities, a venal individual but not without a certain sense of honor. The princess regains her human appearance. However, she is of the mental age of a four year old child. During the bewitchment, Geralt was seriously injured in the neck by a scratch.
The Voice of Reason: this story, cut into several parts and interspersed with the others, is a direct result of the first short story, The Witcher. Written after the other stories, it serves as a common thread between them and recounts the recovery period of Geralt following his fight against the princess daughter of Adda transformed into strige. During his stay at the Melitele temple, he remembers his previous missions. The different parts of the story introduce certain recurring characters from the witcher saga including Nenneke, the priestess of Melitele who will later take care of the education of the young Ciri, and Jaskier, the troubadour and best friend of Geralt.
A grain of truth: traveling in the countryside, the witcher discovers the body of a merchant and that of his daughter visibly massacred by a supernatural creature. Continuing on, he arrives at a castle where he is greeted by Nivellen, a frightful monster. Against all expectations, he is very affable and civilized. He tells her his story which is very similar to that of Beauty and the Beast, at least as far as its beginning. Hoping to regain his human appearance, he regularly invites young girls to spend a year in his company (he hopes that folk tales have a background of truth and that love will allow him to regain human form). The last young woman to come and live with him is Vereena, a beauty with jet black hair. However, the beautiful is not what it seems to be: it is a brouze, a variety of vampire resistant to sunlight. Geralt didn’t realize this until quite late in the story. All fairy tales and magicians agree on one point: it takes a sincere love to break the charms. Dark as it is, the girl was genuinely in love with Nivellen and the latter ends up finding a human body after Geralt managed to kill Vereena.
The Lesser Evil: after killing a kikimorrh, a dangerous creature living in a swamp, the witcher goes to Blaviken, the neighboring village, hoping for a reward. Andrzej Sapkowski – The Last Wish Audiobook He addresses the village magician in whom he recognizes an old acquaintance, the magician Stregobor who once caused him some trouble. He begs him to help him because he is being chased by a woman, the “Pied Shrike” (his story resembles that of Snow White), Geralt will have to choose between the two antagonists by choosing the “lesser evil” ”
A question of price: Queen Calanthe, known as the lioness of Cintra, hired the witcher to kill a monster. This one, called Duny, once saved the king’s life. As a reward for his action, he invokes the destiny that binds him to the king’s daughter. He must come, during an evening, to claim the price of his service, that is to say the hand of Princess Pavetta. This story is directly linked to the witcher saga because Geralt, also invoking destiny, claims from Duny what he already has without knowing it: Ciri, the child Pavetta carries.
The End of the World: in a distant land, the valley of flowers, on the edge of the world where the last elves still live, the witcher is hired by peasants to hunt a forest dweller, a sort of forest fauna. The latter looted the peasants to help the elves who had taken refuge in the woods. The elves will threaten the life of Geralt and his companion Jaskier, who will be saved by the intervention of a very old creature, the Vivette, which is none other than the spirit of renewal and spring.
The Last Wish: While fishing by the river, Geralt and his friend Bard Jaskier discover a strange urn. They let out the djinn who is inside and who has the power to grant three wishes. However, it attacks and injures the bard before disappearing into the wild. The witcher will try to have his companion treated in the town of Rinde, where a magician then lives… This story provides information about the magician Yennefer and the origin of the love that Geralt feels for her.