Anne of Green Gables Audiobook

Anne of Green Gables Audiobook

Anne of Green Gables Audiobook





First, let’s consider the audiobook object … That’s it? Do you have it in your hands? … For me, who is a certain age, not canonical, no, no more eh, must not exaggerate, I held an audiobook there that I could have found under the Christmas tree ( thank you to those who want to delete it !!!) or receive it on a rare occasion … a birthday …. a reward for an exam.? … We touch it, we grind it, we feel it , we adopt it, we take it against ourselves ….. It could also have been a nice price during this end of year discount that some and some of us have experienced … A very nice audiobook , really, a very beautiful “object” since this is how the audiobook is called today … Frankly, well done to this publishing house whose name, by itself, smacks of nostalgia and ” beautiful letters ” .

OK, let’s go . She is Anne. She leaves the orphanage but …. must go back there because we were expecting a boy to help on the farm, not an inexhaustible pipelette …. Except that Matthew, the silent, he, the pipelette, he loves her from the first look. And that Marilla, her sister, under her surly air, she is not insensitive to the charm of the kid …. From there, Anne and the territory of Green Gables become one. And if she speaks , the kid, she also knows how to make herself loved, to blend in with the landscape, in nature, to dream, to praise what surrounds her, to live in the most beautiful of nature, in the natural elements and … to show herself brilliant at school .. After “bullshit”, she does not miss one, this young girl for whom we have the eyes of “Chimene” and who will move us until the end of the novel …. It is beautiful, obsolete, outdated and, let’s face it, from another time, a time that some of us were able to relive at random from what could constitute a magnificent gift, much more than the so famous “Christmas orange” ….. Yes, I know, all that is far away ….

So, audiobook for adults, for children, for teenagers? I think there will only be nostalgia that can answer and I will say that if I give this audiobook to my little girl, I’m afraid to tell her about a time that the under twenty … ..On the other hand, for the “oldest”, it seems to me that there is here a beautiful page of escape, a sacred step back in time, in a time where reverie, good feelings, life in autarky, the friendships, the enmities had a name and governed a world undoubtedly more “closed” but certainly more human, loaded with hope and respect. No, not the Care Bears either, in everything it is necessary to be right to keep … Other times , other customs, but poetry, poetry …. the world as it was, far from what it is and even more from what it will be, alas.

… In this novel, the writing is sumptuous, the characters incredible, hard, sensitive, endearing, loving …. Grandparents, for Christmas, place this novel under your tree, not for your grandchildren, no , this is not their story, but … for you !!!! And yes, it is, life goes by and every once in a while an audiobook takes us back … to our roots. I loved it, really, not to the point of reading the six books of the series, no, but enough to tell me that anyone who overlooks certain writings loses some of their history. This book? It is a madeleine of Proust !!!!! Finally, me, what I say, eh, it is you who see …….


In exchange for good practices, I borrowed ” Anne of Green Gables ”  , written by the Canadian author , Lucy Maud Montgomery.

In this very pretty audiobook (an eye-catching cover), we witness the life of little Ann Shirley – an eleven year old little girl, who is waiting for someone to adopt her. while she is in an orphanage.

This is how she finds herself at Matthew and her sister Marilla Cuthbert, but it is a mistake because the brother and the sister were expecting a little boy to relieve Matthew a little of his work. An error that will not be repaired and Ann therefore remains at home, which is happy for her, despite Marilla’s bad mood (at the beginning): “You were born under a lucky star

Soul of fire and dew.

Robert Browning

Epigraph »

She will turn out to be very endearing but with an overflowing spirit, which tires Marilla a lot but amuses Matthew who loves her more and more – it is a veritable mill of words …

Ann asks that we be there ‘calls’ Anne’: she prefers. She loves changing names and with her boundless vitality (as well as her imagination) she is radically changing the lives of her new parents. She manages to have “a friend of the heart” (Diana) with whom she shares many fun subjects (or not) and also manages to be loved by the inhabitants of Avonlea.

Years go by – her parents get older but love her more and more – from cranky, Marilla has become very attached to Anne while trying to keep a stern look but the mischievous Anne is not mistaken.

Qualified as a “cult novel” ” Anne de Green Gables ” has indeed become a classic and this edition makes us benefit from it with its success. This is because this book had been put aside and the reader can read a lot of humor in it – tenderness – all of Anne’s blunders (and there are many) – poetry – emotion…. and I will not say more because it is to be discovered.

Except that: “ Anne of Green Gables ” was very successful when it was released after having had many refusals.

Lucy Maud Montgomery was the first Canadian to join the Royal Society Of Arts and was also named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

A great feminist, she has conquered the world of letters. His work continues to enchant us, regardless of the age of the readers.