Anthony Doerr – All the Light We Cannot See Audiobook

Anthony Doerr – All the Light We Cannot See Audiobook

Anthony Doerr – All the Light We Cannot See Audiobook
Anthony Doerr – All the Light We Cannot See Audiobook free




I always have an ambivalent feeling between frustration and regret when I finish a novel as beautiful as this one, thinking that it was there, at hand, in my library, and that I let it slip away for long months, and sometimes even long years. So let’s get to the gist of this advice: if you have this novel at home, that it hasn’t been read yet, go ahead, and if you haven’t bought it yet, go for it!

The story therefore takes place in Europe, at several times but let’s say of a period which extends from the rise of pre-war German nationalism to the French liberation. We follow two characters through different periods of this era (with random jumps in time which destabilized me a little at the start): Marie-Laure, a young blind woman living in Paris with her father, chief locksmith the Natural History Museum; Werner, a young German in an orphanage with his sister, discovering a passion for mathematics and a self-study for radio.

Between these two characters in Anthony Doerr – All the Light We Cannot See Audiobook, the author weaves a slow canvas through the years so that their destinies are intertwined, and it is with a certain delight that we frantically turn the pages wondering when, finally, the one and the other will see their common history written. It is ironically a rare diamond which is said to carry a curse, which will cause their roads to cross in Saint-Malo, where one is taking refuge in a family house while the another hunt for resistance radio broadcasts.

If I was a little surprised at the beginning of my reading by the microscopic chapters (I hate all these blank pages which weigh down the books without lightening the stories) and a little unexpected time jumps, I was very quickly caught up in this reading, I literally devoured it in a day and a half and I closed it after six hundred pages with this feeling of fullness that beautiful novels offer to gourmet readers. Go for it!