Blanka Lipińska – 365 dni Audiobook

Blanka Lipińska – 365 dni Audiobook

365 dni Audiobook – By Blanka Lipińska




365 dni Audiobook by Blanka Lipińska is a failed attempt to mix Fifty Shades with Mafia romance.

As for the book, there’s a lot of misleading stuff about it: from the blurb and title to the movie adaptation trailer and much more.


Let’s start with the title of the book: it means 365 days (also mentioned in the blurb) – The ‘hero’ gives the heroine 365 days to stay with him so that she can actually fall in love with him. the book only covers their hasty, unhealthy relationship for a period of 3-4 months.

The blurb also claims things that after reading this “book” turn out to be wrong: By no means is this story “shockingly romantic” as the blurb says. (more on that later).

365 dni Audiobook is advertised as romance, when the romantic aspect of it is questionable to say the least, the book describes and supports a very toxic abusive relationship and its scenes might trigger for some readers (Note that no warning real was only given at the start of the book, possibly because the author doesn’t realize or don’t want to admit that what she is writing is in fact rape / assault masquerading as a s * x consensual “torrid”).


In short:

Laura goes on vacation to Sicily with her boyfriend and 2 other friends for her 29th birthday.

Laura is happy with her boyfriend Martin even though their relationship lacks the passion she wants and she is the type of woman who enjoys sex.

A dealbreaker for Laura turns out to be Martin not paying her enough attention because he works too much, on her birthday she has had enough so she runs away in anger and gets kidnapped.

His kidnapper is the Mafia Don Massimo Toricelli, who has been searching for the girl of his visions for years. He gives her 365 days to fall in love with him, the catch is that she can’t run away or he will kill her parents (not so romantic already). Throughout the book, Massimo treats Laura, nothing like anyone who would treat the girl they dreamed of.


The Characters:


Laura “Faints-A-Lot” Biel – I was really surprised that she didn’t turn out to be an innocent and inexperienced virgin heroine.

Things to know about her – she knows how to dance polo, she has a weak heart, she can talk for hours about shoes, loves everything dear, and would forgive her anything if you gave her jewelry, clothes or shoes.

Laura isn’t really the strong, independent, or wise type. She’s the type of heroine who would have a good breakthrough when it comes to her situation and how the hero treats her only to then take 6000 steps back and get rid of her spine.

Throughout the book she has many conflicting thoughts she would see that the hero is wrong only to excuse his crappy behavior 5 seconds later at a point that resembled Stockholm Syndrome.

Something I want to mention: in my opinion (and based on what’s going on in the book) Laura is theauthor auto-insertof , here’s why: Around the middle of the book, the appearance of the heroine changes out of the blue – she decides to change her hairstyle and hair color without any explanation: a short blonde bob is exactly what the author looks like and she even put herself on the cover of the second book on Massiomo and Laura.


Massimo “Consent-is-just-a-word-I-like-saying” Toricelli – This guy is so far the most inimitable character I have ever met. I can’t believe we’re supposed to accept him as the hero of this book, given how naughty he is and the fact that he has no redeemable qualities.

We can see how scared he is in Chapter 1 where he forces himself on a flight attendant.

Things to know about Massimo – he’s the type of guy who would blame the heroine for not being able to control himself, the type who would go so far as to kill men who care about Laura, he loves to use the word consent but doesn’t doesn’t really respect, words like ‘NO’ and ‘Stop’ mean nothing to him, he’s a huge hypocrite (he has no problem taking advantage of drunk Laura, but gets angry when his ex does that. He thinks it’s okay to drugs another ex of Laura so he can cheat but kills his ex because he drugs her. He justifies the murder of this ex because he hurt her in the past while he was on drugs, when Massimo hurts him all the time and cannot excuse his behavior with drugs).

Massimo uses sex as an outlet for his dark, psychopathic side, he takes pleasure in seeing the fear in the eyes of his partners (including Laura’s) and almost killing them by almost choking on his thick candle. birthday (real description of Laura Petit Massimo). Don’t be fooled by what the actor who would play Massimo says he sees sex as art, he hasn’t read the book.

What absolutely made me hate this character was what he did in chapter 6 of the book: Laura as I mentioned before has a weak heart (she faints a lot in the book) and also a fear of flying, so when she sees the size of her private jet she panics and says she doesn’t want to ride, Massimo doesn’t do what any other normal love would do (try to calm her down), instead he forces her up, when she tries to leave he starts pushing her while yelling at her, ties her hands with her belt and when she passes out from all that stress he doesn is not scared at all.

When she wakes up, he always asks her to choose a punishment instead of apologizing for her behavior and asking her if she is okay.

Laura chooses a punishment, but he never does what she chose, but forces himself on her despite promising several times that he would wait for her consent, which he does next, I consider rape / assault.

Once they land he still doesn’t care that she’s in pain, they go to a hotel where he ties her to the bed against her will (herself says she’s terrified and wants to get out of the room ) and forces him to watch him get a blow job from an escort (he almost kills the other girl).

Another thing that crosses a line is that Massimo puts a capsule in Laura’s arm and lies that it’s a contraceptive instead of a tracking device (his whole plan is to get her pregnant so she doesn’t want to leave because of the child).


A few supporting characters:


Olga (Laura’s best friend) – Olga was a character who had potential, but turned out to be like Laura, she would give Laura some great advice (like telling her she’s in a cage golden, but it’s still a cage & that she and Massimo have only known each other for 3 months and everything is maybe too rushed) to get distracted by the fact that Massimo is rich and buys things from Laura and says to her friend that she is lucky and enjoying her life.


Domenico (Massimo’s half-brother and Laura’s bodyguard) – The only character I liked a little. Honestly I still don’t understand why he wasn’t the main hero, he was so kind and caring to Laura, really the exact opposite of his brother.


Laura’s Mom – She was like Olga, she would advise her something good only to find out that her daughter’s boyfriend is rich and tell him that she has done some good.


Laura’s exes (Martin & Piotr) – Both bald, tattooed, Laura definitely had a guy before Massimo. Piotr was the ex who was a drug addict and tried to drug Laura, which resulted in Massimo killing him.


Laura and Massimo as a couple – These two really didn’t share any interests, they didn’t talk much about anything other than how kinky they are and their sexual fantasies. Their whole relationship was based on violence, blackmail, anger and fighting. The number of times Laura has been terrified of Massimo and decided to follow what he said just so as not to get angry / violent is absolutely scary.

Based on everything that has happened in this book, I can absolutely say this: 365 dni Audiobook in no way shows a healthy and consensual relationship.

The book has crossed so many lines, even for dark romance. For a moment you would have Laura talking about Massimo being kind and gentle when in reality you would feature your pocketbook / reader device in amazement because nothing like this was actually happening.


Writing / history / world building:


besides being very, very problematic, what is worth noting is that for a mafia “ romance ” 365 dni Audiobook was quite boring, even the last chapter of the book didn’t have much action or ending it would make you want to read the next book immediately.

I would find myself reading 3 chapters in a row (I’m usually a very quick reader, but this book took me days to finish) and then I would feel absolutely disappointed with the chapters repeating and all the stupid decisions of the characters. would return.

Blanka Lipińska uses a very cliché and boring method of starting and ending chapters – Open her chapters with Laura waking up and ending them with her passing out orasleep ( fallingA little statistic: Laura wakes up at the start of the chapter – Chapters: 1, 2 , 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20 (implied), 21; Falls asleep at the end of a chapter – 2, 4, 8 & 15 (implied), 19; s’ faint – Chapters: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10 (as end of chapter too), 11, 15, 16, 18 (almost)).

365 dni Audiobook is a combination of Laura waking up, sleeping, taking a shower, giving Massimo blowjobs, making, throwing up and long and detailed to a point of boredom (and to reach word count) descriptions of places, of people and places. Laura would literally describe Massimo in detail in almost every chapter and add that this is how he generally looks (if that is the way he looks all the time why go out of your way to point every time ?!)


when it comes to the elements of the 365 dni Audiobook story follows Fifty Shades of EL James to a T: (I almost certainly forget a bunch of things that are 100% FS inspired, but these stood out when I was reading the book)


– Laura’s nickname for Massimo is a color, Black

– Stalking the heroine (showing up at places where she would be)

– Watching the heroine sleeping

– Changing clothes (Gray undresses Anastasia himself, Massimo has it done for him)

– Him giving a car (in this one it’s actually multiple cars)

– Jealous of almost every straight man around him to a point of violence / explosions (he only goes well with his stepbrother being his bodyguard)

– An evil ex-lover (Massimo) who set out to ruin the new relationship

– Splashing the hero’s beauty while passing and barefoot; how calm and angelic he looks while asleep

– Hero visits a store for the first time (has to buy something on his own, instead of sending people to do it)

– The heroine cooks breakfast for the hero

– Unexpected pregnancy

– Relationship is conditional (FS – Ana has to sign a contract / do what Gray likes; 365 dni Audiobook – No leak or her parents die)

– Hero says that he will not touch the heroine until he obtains her consent (FS – consent must be written; 365 dni Audiobook – the hero says the word consent and promises that he will do nothing to the heroine without him, but does not keep his promise despite his words like ‘no’ and ‘stop’.)

– Calls the heroine “baby”

– Yacht scene

– The heroine accepts that she has to endure something that she doesn’t want to stay with the hero / so that he doesn’t leave her

– Bath scene where the hero washes the heroine

– The hero is angry with the heroine for the ‘have done something simple (FS- rolling eyes; 365 dni Audiobook- stretching when she wakes up)

– the heroine has a long line of men showin Interest in her

– The hero / heroine doesn’t know how to make love

– Trying to cheat the reader and the heroine the hero is dead / has been killed in some way

– The heroine escapes to a relative

– The hero throws the heroine over his shoulder

– A rival who wants to take advantage of the heroine in a state of drunkenness

– Hero tracks down the heroine using a tracker, app, etc.

– Car chase scene

– The heroine’s best friend is interested in the hero’s brother

– The heroine has her own room in the hero’s house, then moves in after they are “ in love ”

– The heroine has a bodyguard with whom she is close

– The hero wants the complete submission of the heroine and hates disobedience

– The hero drives a car like GOD

– The hero has chest wounds

– The heroine goes without underwear at public event

– Hero & Heroine have sex in a car

– Hero / Heroine sees each other’s childhood bedroom

– Hero is very determined to make the heroine say YES to marry him


Things that bothered me:


– How the author would change locations unnecessarily at one point gives you a boost, sometimes imes it would be so confusing where the action takes place.

– How Laura would say all these beautiful things about Massimo, about him being kind, caring and loving when he was anything but that to her.

– How the title of the book leads you to believe that the book would cover a whole year, but in reality it is only 3-4 months.

– The fact that the relationship was anything but consensual and healthy.

– The fact that Laura spends months with Massimo, she even said that she loved him before even knowing his last name!

– How the whole relationship was all about sex instead of forming some kind of bond too.

– The sex scenes were basically the same

– Laura somehow knew things about Massimo’s parents (and how Massimo’s eyes would go soft when he spoke of his deceased mother) when we didn’t. let’s never see anything personal like this

– how Blanka would introduce characters out of the blue when they didn’t exist before the given scene (Laura’s best friend – she literally never mentions Olga before needing to someone to talk to in the middle of the book; Laura’s brother / cousin marriage – everything mentioned once Blanka needs it for the plot, no prior mention before that).

– How Laura would talk about a character with: “the young Italian”, etc. without mentioning the character’s name, so you basically have to guess who she’s talking about.

– How Laura came and went between thinking clearly and acting like she had been brainwashed by Massimo’s cock.

– The fact that this is another book that breaks and attempts to normalize abuse.

I’m sure there are more things that I forget that were problematic and made me angry.


To sum up, 365 dni Audiobook is a very poorly written book that copies Fifty Shades on a T & supports a toxic and abusive relationship.

It’s a book that contains scenes that cross the line of rape and try to pass them off as romantic.

The story takes place slowly, doesn’t have a lot of action to keep you invested, often bores you to death, and lacks characters you can really root for.

The chapters are poorly written, very repetitive and predictable and sometimes end like the author forgot to finish them, the twists are neither surprising nor exciting. The scenes are sometimes too detailed to the point that it feels like everything is for the number of words.