Brandon Sanderson – The Bands of Mourning Audiobook

Brandon Sanderson – The Bands of Mourning Audiobook

The Bands of Mourning Audiobook – (Mistborn Book# 6)




This book is the third in the Wax and Wayne series, the penultimate volume.

After my crush on Shadows of Self released at the end of last year, I was really super enthusiastic and I read this read just a few days after its release.

The more the books advance, the more we enter the mythology of the world, we have more and more “forgotten” clues and facts. I find that this trilogy is really essential in the end to really understand the universe of Mistborn (Son of the Mists).

We really go from revelation to revelation and we discover a whole part of the world that we had never heard of at all after the first part.

The characters are also gaining momentum, Wayne for example in the first volume almost only existed to make Wax talk, and now he clearly has his place in the book, we understand him better, and he has become one of my favorite characters!

Likewise with Steris which begins as a simple excuse without much interest, only serving to make us appreciate Marasi in contrast and which ends up as a fundamental character in the balance of the story (and of Wax). She will surely be one of the characters that I would regret the most once this part is over. In fact, she is so much everything that women usually aren’t in stories that it makes her a really special person.

For her part Marasi precisely, is transformed again and again, she really takes her independence, going from “love interest” (potential partner in love with Wax) to a really special character standing out from everything one might have thought of during the first volume.

She has her own way of fighting, unlike for example Vin who was a warrior, Marasi is a decision maker in the sense that she is very intelligent and always finds something that nobody would have thought of to tip the scales for his part, never in a crude or combative way, but always well thought out!

Sanderson did his job well, he managed to bring two female characters into his story, while differentiating them enormously from everything he has written before, finally I really like the fact that Marasi is not just a Wine -bis.

I also liked that the whole intrigue does not happen for once in Elendel, we finally go out of the limits of LA Ville, we explore the world a little more.

I can hardly tell you what I really liked about the rest of the story because it would be a total spoiler. On the other hand I must admit that I liked this volume a little less, in comparison with the previous one. Maybe precisely because I expected him to have his share of revelation, and the element of surprise I missed a little. That said, the plot is well thought out, It’s a separate episode and I really want to know what will happen next ^^

As always for me the two fundamentals that make me love this series, apart from the fact that we explore the fundamentals of Sanderson’s universe, are humor and the different metals and their uses.

The humor in this volume is at the top, there are scenes that made me choke on my laughter (especially that of the hotel), even better than in the first because there are now 4 protagonists who answer each other and more just two, Steris bringing a big plus to the exchanges, a real happiness!

For the second point it is the continuity of everything that I have already explained on the two previous volumes, we know more and more about the different possibilities, and in addition this time we have the arrival of technology controlled by magic, a big plus that widens the possibilities in a totally enormous way that we have a little trouble seeing or it can lead to so many.


In summary, Brandon Sanderson – The Bands of Mourning Audiobook is a great volume in the series, always with as much humor and revelations as the previous one, all with characters who are really growing and which I am totally attached to!

A success!