David Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook

David Goggins – Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook

Can’t Hurt Me Audiobook – By David Goggins

I have finished reading “ Can’t Hurt me audiobook ” by David Goggins and as usual, I would like to share with you the fruits of reading this book, which opened my mind to very important that I already knew but which were written from a very particular angle of view.

One of the main lessons you take away from reading this book is that if you want to accomplish great things in your life (who wouldn’t?), You have to learn to step out of your comfort zone. In fact, the author of the book came out of his own so much that he accomplished feats that no one else in America has done.

As a generation of human beings, we have been so used to all the facilities that technology has given us that we have come to think that one of our goals in life is to do the least amount of work. possible efforts to accomplish what we want to accomplish. Take a look around and you will realize that all the gadgets you have bought say in the last 5 years have been to make your life easier.

Consequences: we are unable to walk for 30 minutes, run, do not even talk about it, we are unable to embark on a project that could take us more than 3 months to be completed, we no longer know how to read one more book of 300 pages… the only things we can do for several hours is watch TV or go around aimlessly on social networks, which is to say two things that require almost no effort.

The consequence is that as soon as you have a craving for something and you are told that it takes effort, you decide, and often without even trying, that it is not for you. And you lead a metro-work-sleep life until the end of your days to die your beautiful death, in the ultimate comfort of your coffin: the culmination of your comfortable life.

Thank goodness Goggins’ book comes to help us sweep it all aside: you won’t accomplish anything significant with your life if you don’t know how to suffer, or at a pinch, sweat a little.

The stage being set, here is what you can do if you are outraged by what I have just said. It’s true that not all of us are called to do what David Goggins achieved, but we can at least fill our lives with several feats that will be worth telling at least to our children.

  • Your past is no excuse

Many people use the fact that they had a difficult childhood to justify the failures in their lives. Whether you were adopted or your parents abused you, whether you missed your studies or had an accident that deprived you of a member, whether you were cheated on by your spouse or whether you were swindled all your assets, these things don’t justify your life being mediocre. They have passed. They only have an effect on you if you allow them to have it. You are perfectly able to put it all behind you and build your life the way you want it.

  • Your current situation is no excuse.

No matter how bad you are today, today is the day you can decide it’s over. You can get up, shake off, and run a good mile (if running is one of the things you’d like to do). You can tidy up a corner of your room (if you think getting it all over the room takes too much willpower). You can turn off your TV and grab a good book and start a life of reading.

  • Doing things that scare us

I’ve covered this in a lot of posts, like the one on courage, but one of the best ways in Can’t Hurt me audiobook is to do things that scare us. For me, being afraid to do something is a good reason to do it. If you make it a habit, you will end up finding that most of the time our fear is just our imagination or bad information.

  • Doing ThingsPain

ThatThis is where this article is most likely to go against your deepest views. If you don’t learn to love suffering, you might not get very far. There are no roses without thorns, they say. We didn’t say it to look pretty. If there is never willful suffering in your life, don’t be surprised that you are nowhere. You will begin to evolve the day you decide to integrate this truth.

If in your plan you anticipate some pain or suffering (not necessarily physical), simply integrate that as a given among others and move forward anyway. The best way to enjoy the beautiful things in life is to know the things that are a little less beautiful.

  • Do things we’ve never done before

Be happy if you have to do something for the first time. You are about to learn new things in life and to acquire new skills, new abilities. Learning something more automatically makes you someone more. Don’t stop learning the day you leave school. Learn until the end of your life. Always be ready to acquire new knowledge. You never know when it will be useful to you on your journey.

  • Do things

no one has done before Just because no one has done it before you doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. Never use that as an argument. Maybe you will be the first. If everyone had this mentality, there would never be a first time. The first times are due to the fact that there is someone who has not been stopped by this argument. Try anyway. See what your predecessors didn’t see. Look for an angle of view, a perspective that has not been exploited and give it a try. You may be lucky enough to be the first. And when you’re the first, no one can erase that. It stays that way forever. You may not be the last one day. But if you’re the first to do something, that will never change again.

  • Learn from your failures

Today, in the age of social networks, failure is a shame. Send this concept for a walk! Failure is only a shame if because of it you give up. But if not, you can always analyze your failure. Learn to recognize what worked (in any failure there are always things that have worked) and do a surgical analysis of what has gone wrong. As soon as you have dried your tears, learn why you failed. See how you can put things right and try again!

The big lesson here is that you have to harden your mind. You shouldn’t let your ego complain that life is so hard and look for someone to hug you and console you that life is so unfair. You are not a teddy bear! You are not a primadonna. And life isn’t meant to be easy.

Can’t Hurt me audiobook, it’s refusing to cry over your fate, it’s taking what you have in hand (and forgetting what you would have liked to have) and build a beautiful work with it. Men have learned to recycle even garbage into works of art. If your life is filled with trash (skeletons in your closet, violence, manipulation, lies, and all kinds of bad stuff), you may still decide that you can make a work of art with it.