C. S. Pacat – Captive Prince Audiobook

C. S. Pacat – Captive Prince Audiobook

Captive Prince Audiobook – By C. S. Pacat




This book was a bit of a whimper purchase in August, on Celine’s advice. And as much to say that I have no regrets, it was a great investment and it is a story that I would take pleasure to reread 🙂

The Slave

With this first volume, the author launches her intrigue directly and without tweezers.

We therefore discover Damen, Akielos’ heir, who finds himself embarked for Vère, as a slave for Laurent, the crown prince. Between the two, nothing can go well. Laurent dedicates an endless hatred to everything that approaches Akielos and Damen, raised as a crown prince, clearly does not have the soul of a slave, submissive, who does what is asked of him.

But more than these two heroes, I especially adore all the political dimension which animates the characters. Damen does what he can to survive and escape. And Laurent tries to manipulate everyone so that the regent, his uncle, does not get what he wants. The author’s universe is clearly rooted in betrayal and I must say that it fascinates me. I love all these manipulations that underlie the text, not necessarily knowing why so-and-so acts in this way or another and find out later.

This novel is rather short and I find that the author has really taken the time to fully define her universe over the pages. So certainly, the revolution does not take place at all, but on the other hand, over the course of acts and events, I have understood all the ins and outs of politics in the universe and the different ‘countries’. And so I can’t wait to see how things turn out next.

I clearly had a form of morbid fascination with cruelty and the creepy / raw scenes that the author stages. So yes, it’s violent, it’s awful and clearly, in our real world, it would revolt me. But it’s a fantastic novel, and I find it brings real authenticity to the story and to the universe. Especially since it illustrates the cultural differences between Vère and Akielos. But be careful, it’s downright terrible sometimes.

In this volume, Damen impressed me enormously. He does what he has to do to survive, but doesn’t forget his origins. This results in a young man capable of playing the perfect slave, but also capable of rebelling and keeping his interests at heart. And I’m rather curious to see how it will evolve afterwards.

As for Laurent, this man is a vile manipulator. But, with the end of the tome, I can’t hate it at all. And hey, just to be clear, he’s a perfect asshole, but I’ve never hated him. I’m still trying to figure it out and I think the next two books will help me a little better. In the meantime he’s an asshole, sometimes nice without us really knowing why ^^

The style is super descriptive and rather complex, which fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the novel and I must say that I particularly appreciate it. So I can’t wait to get started in volume two: p

Le Guerrier

I am going to write a shorter column on this volume, in order to avoid spoils of all kinds. Because I really, really want to make you want to read this trilogy, even if it’s not for everyone.

In this volume, Laurent and Damen leave the royal palace and its vipers for the fields of war. But betrayals and plots are just as present, endangering the lives of our two heroes and above all putting to the test their relationship which is only just beginning to be built.

I really appreciated the evolution of the bond between Laurent and Damen. They don’t want to remain master / slave and both know Damen will run away as soon as he can. But they seem to find a compromise and this is conducive to developing a form of loyalty between them both.

Apart from this major evolution (and at the time of writing this column I am so afraid for this link that I have seen growing …), this volume is also a pivot and allows to set up the multiple alliances / betrayals / plots that will signal the start of the war.

As a great optimist that I am, also a great naive, I did not see the slightest betrayal coming. And yet, there are many in the ranks …

Once again, the author is doing perfectly with a complex style that suits me perfectly. I hear absolutely nothing about war tactics and combats of all kinds. And overall, I could have been lost pretty quickly and stalled quickly. So yes, I take my time to move forward and I savor each page, because I love the universe. And the author was able to find the right words to be clear without going into too many details.

In short, an intrigue which gains even more complexity, and which could well explode the fragile bond of trust between Laurent and Damen. This volume is masterfully conducted and I can’t wait to read more. But I’m very scared ^^ ‘

The King

This last volume is up to the two previous ones. Suffice to say that once again, I was not bored for a single second.

To avoid any spoilers, I will simply write a few lines to say that in this volume Laurent and Damen will have to fight to recover their due. But that they will also have to learn to know each other as equals and as much to say that it is far from being won given the characters of each one.

I was immensely moved by their almost impossible relationship and I find that the author makes things happen very realistically. All I would say is that this volume is rich in twists and that it is a magnificent conclusion to this story. My only regret will be not to have had an epilogue to know the end of the story. But in three volumes I got to know the loyal and generous spirit of Damen and the devious but frank spirit of Laurent and I can only imagine what they will do with Vère and Akielos

In short

C ‘ is a very intense and complex trilogy that I don’t regret reading. I had a great time in the company of this universe. The author has a vivid imagination and as much to say that I had fun. It’s not a series for everyone, but for me, it contains everything I love and so it was a pleasure to discover it.