Cassandra Clare – Lord of Shadows Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – Lord of Shadows Audiobook

Lord of Shadows Audiobook – By Cassandra Clare





If I really liked the first volume of the Renaissance saga, this second upset me! Darker than the previous one, we are caught in a frantic race against more and more enemies. It was impossible for me to let go of this novel, even if my hands hurt when reading with this heavy paving stone!

While they all thought they were finally safe, especially since the Enclave had not made a splash when they learned of Mark’s return to his family, Centurions of the Scholomance arrive at the institute supposedly to investigate. on the activities of the late Malcolm Fade and recover the Black Book. However, not everything is going as planned. On the one hand, the Wild Hunt informs Mark that Kieran has been captured and sentenced to death by his father. It doesn’t take more for Mark, joined by Christina, Emma and Julian, to go and save him. On the other hand, while they all believed that Emma had definitely settled his account, Malcolm still has something to surprise them by being still alive thanks to his magic. He attacks the Institute to retrieve a Blackthorn and finish resurrecting Annabel. The children are forced to flee to London, leaving behind the Institute, the Centurions and especially their uncle who will have a burst of courage to protect his family. Recovering the Black Book before the others seems to be the only solution to regain a normal life, especially since it seems that one of the spells of the book would allow to break the parabatai link, something which would be rather welcome given the tragic situation. of Julian and Emma. But that’s without counting the long list of enemies who also want to recover this book for their own benefit.

The plot is of great density throughout the novel. Reading it, I had the impression that the characters were totally losing control of events, like with Julian whose secrets are fanned one after the other. While we believe that a situation will be resolved, in reality it becomes even more complex with the arrival of new twists that we had not seen coming. It was really panting, and therefore impossible to let go!

And then, the characters are so endearing! I liked, of course, Emma and Julian, but also (and especially) the trio formed by Kit, Livvy and Ty which is revealed here. Very united, the twins give a place in their group to Kit even though they do not really know him. And it is they who will decide the young Herondale not to finally run away from the Institute. He will even end up helping them, because Ty wants to see him as his Watson.

Kit was very interesting in this volume. He has always lived on the margins with his father, he is closer to the Terrans than to the Dark Hunters. Also, his surprise is very great when he sees that the Dark Hunters refuse anything that comes from the Terrans, such as new technologies or medical advances. He finds it silly, and rightly so, because the Dark Hunters could benefit enormously from it for their lives. This external gaze which judges and notes that the laws of the Enclave are outdated, that this world lacks more openness and modernity, was particularly interesting in view of the events with the Cohort and the rise of a sort of fascism within the Enclave.

Because Zara Dearborn, the head of the Cohort, is one of the worst characters Cassandra Clare has ever written! This girl is poisonous, I think I hate her more than Sébastien Morgenstern in his time… Everything slips on her in favor of her hatred, she is just unbearable when in reality she is not worth much. It reminds me of those unreasonable people, convinced that they are always right, and rotten by xenophobia. She is almost fanatic in her extreme hateful ideas. I can’t wait for her to take the beating she deserves!

If I had to find a negative point, I would say Kieran, Mark and Christina’s love tribulations are one of them. As much as I find very interesting in a novel to show several ways of loving each other, especially different ones, here their moods seem to me to slow down the story. I find that they ask themselves too many questions that lead to a kind of jealousy that would not be necessary if they communicated a little more. Afterwards, the author loves to write tragic, complicated and forbidden love stories! We could see it with Jace and Clary when they thought they were brother and sister, now we can see it with Emma and Julian, in distress, who have strong feelings they didn’t choose to have, who are struggling against and who, whatever they do, suffer enormously.

I could say more about Cassandra Clare – Lord of Shadows Audiobook  because it was so rich and intense in twists and turns and revelations, but I would be afraid of spoiler and it would be a shame! Between secrets, lies and betrayal, the Blackthorn family and their friends will have to be more united than ever to resist the machinations of Dearborn and their allies. It was a very good tome, with less lengths than the previous one, which makes room for a greater number of characters, including Kit, Livvy and Ty that I loved here. I can’t wait to read more, because the end of this volume is terribly dark and overwhelming. I was heartbroken reading it! the author’s choice to end with it traumatized me …