Cassandra Clare – The Queen of Air and Darkness Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – The Queen of Air and Darkness Audiobook

The Queen of Air and Darkness Audiobook – By Cassandra Clare




It pains me a little bit, but there are several passages for this last part of the queen of the air and the shadows which weighed down the narrative somewhat and which seemed to me to last forever. The fact remains that I still adored this conclusion which lived up to my expectations. A nice success which pushes me to continue with the other novels and the news of the saga.

After having escaped in extremis from the soldiers of the Court of Darkness, Emma and Julian find themselves in Thule, a parallel world plunged in terror and under the governance of Sebastien. I was dreading this beginning of the book, I’m not going to lie. Already because it reminded me a lot of the passage to Edom and then because for me it was moving away from the main plot. This passage also lasts quite a long time. Certainly, you learn certain things, and this “journey” has an interest on several levels even, but I believed that it would never end. To start a reading, it was not ideal. When finished I found the world we know and things just got better and better.

I couldn’t wait for the final showdown to happen. The Cohort’s actions were getting more and more annoying, to be polite, another bloody war was coming up, and the fate of our heroes was in the spotlight. Nothing to celebrate, certainly, but the emotions and the tension made it impossible to let go of the novel. The Queen of Air and Shadows was coming to a major turning point for the Enclave and the Shadow Creatures, and I was expecting something epic. I was not disappointed in the least. Especially since Cassandra Clare clearly played with my sensitive chord: the group effect. See the different forces on the march rally and act together for the good of all. This is something I adore. There is a surge of hope, alliances being created, a common cause to defend. Of course, the fear of losing one of the main characters was still there, but it was hard not to be excited to see this clash happen, especially to put down the cackle of the Cohort.

Epic and captivating, the entire central part of the novel is spellbinding. Without downtime, everything is done with care and consistency. I really enjoyed following the different characters and that we don’t just focus on Emma and Julian. Everyone has their share, special mention to Drusilla who finally manages to win, and we are entitled to an overview of the outcome. It was not easy to manage, but there was no hiccup for me. We get a worthy conclusion to the whole of this trilogy, with characters who carry the story in a prodigious way. Of course, there is a lot of romance, a point that some have found negative. For my part, I have always seen the various trilogies of the saga as epic romances. And with more characters, there are bound to be more romantic relationships to highlight. But each is unique, not taking precedence over another. Everything is once again well balanced.

If I enjoyed this last book, it is clearly not an end for me, and I can’t wait to see what The Wicked Powers will come out of. Already from the point of view of the solution found vis-à-vis the Cohort. I understand it, but I don’t know if I would have done the same in this situation. It is, for me, a source of future conflicts and does not end discord or fanaticism. But she is merciful and this is also what Cassandra wanted to highlight. the return of the primary mission of the Dark Hunters: to be protectors. Second point: Kit. I had a real pleasure to follow him. Its evolution is potentially the most spectacular. However, even though her fate seems to be heading in a rather happy direction, there is a heartbreak that I cannot come to terms with. Which once again makes me want to have The Wicked Powers in my hands, not to mention the epilogue which does not bode well.

Fortunately, before that we are entitled to a most pleasant ending of Cassandra Clare – The Queen of Air and Darkness Audiobook , perhaps a little too much. I’m more of the type to like fine care bears, but to put too much glitter and rainbow with very soft teddy bears … we break everything. It was cute and adorable, but there were so many couples to highlight that it dragged on for a long time. I was happy, don’t get me wrong, but I think there could have been a few little billhooks to lighten it up.

The queen of air and shadows is therefore a success (yes despite my two “negative” points), which manages to close an epic while leaving the door open to new adventures. Nice masterstroke. If the characters are very successful, it is also the values ​​that the author seeks to convey that make his story addictive. We would like to have heroes like that by our side to defend us, and like them, we want a more harmonious and respectful world (perfection is boring).

Finally, I would have a criticism concerning the translation. First name errors are too recurrent, and this is painful … Having to go back higher because you don’t understand who is speaking is quite annoying, and this was felt in the four volumes …