China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook

China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook

China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook – (Crazy Rich Asians #2)




The big day is approaching for Rachel Wu and Nicholas Young. After many adventures, they will finally say yes during an intimate ceremony, in Cupertino, California. Far from Singapore and his mother who plotted so much against Rachel, Nick believes the marriage will be a peaceful time. But that’s without taking into account the determination of Eleanor Young who disembarks in a helicopter at the reception area. Hesitant between amazement and fury, Nick is finally grateful to his mother who comes with excellent news: she has found Rachel’s father! Invited by the latter, the lovebirds fly to Shanghai to meet Rachel’s family. But there, things do not go as planned, the father is fleeing, inaccessible, always traveling. Nick and Rachel therefore spend their time in the company of Carlton and Colette, two young heirs rich in millions. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong or Singapore, the hectic life of the well-to-do continues its more or less peaceful course. Kitty Pong tries to fit into mainstream society despite her past as a TV star. Astrid and Michael move away from each other. Always in search of recognition, Michael believed that his new wealth would be matched with a new status within his in-laws, but this is not the case and he takes revenge on his wife who will seek in Paris or elsewhere. the happiness she no longer finds in her home. So goes the life of very rich Asians …

With China Rich Girlfriend Audiobook , Kevin continues his trilogy of ” Crazy rich asians ” discovered in Crazy rich in Singapore. There is no question here of ordinary people. To attend this circle of the ultra privileged, you must be born in the seraglio, have attended the best kindergarten and the most prestigious university and if you can trace your family tree back to Confucius, that is a plus. You spend a lot but you have to know how to be discreet, not to display your fortune, not to make the headlines and, of course, you don’t spit on small savings and you can shamelessly grab the mini shampoos of luxury hotels. .

On the other hand, in mainland China, the nouveau riche are on display. If parents, who have made their fortunes in business or politics, remain cautious about memories of harder times, they do not resist the wishes of their children. The golden generation is having a blast and isn’t afraid to flaunt their money. Overpriced racing cars, apartments with car lift, five-star hotels privatized for a ” very simple ” reception (with Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen!), Private jets that look like caravels … Nothing can stop the ” fu er dai ”, the second generation of the rich. But the Singaporean or Hong Kong establishment continues to snub these upstart “peasants”. Because being part of good society is earned and if you don’t have the pedigree that opens all the doors, you have to give of yourself to keep them open. Highly paid, advisers are there to create a new personality for those who suffer from being rejected despite their millions in the bank.

Just as enjoyable as the first volume, this sequel stays in tune.Kevin Kwan continues to dissect his background with clairvoyance, humor and a healthy dose of cynicism. We like to discover the extravagances of the Asian jet set, we laugh at their abuses and of course, we can verify the adage that says that money does not buy happiness. And fortunately !