Cassandra Clare – City of Ashes Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – City of Ashes Audiobook

City of Ashes Audiobook – By Cassandra Clare

The war between the Shadowhunters and Valentine really took place in the first volume of this series and it is after an incredible revelation that we find characters turned upside down and yet determined to join forces, whatever they may be. , to stop Valentin in his progress. Faced with the fierce determination of Valentin, Clary, Jace, Simon and all the others are not at the end of their troubles and especially their surprises. The war continues in this second volume of The Mortal Instruments and each battle could prove to be decisive and tip the scales on the side of Good or on the contrary on the side of Evil. Cassandra Clare – City of Ashes Audiobook.

It’s not really new now, I’m a big fan of the world of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and since my reading of the Origins trilogy which I fell in love with and which is really a little nugget kind of fantastic young adult. Moreover, I really enjoyed my reading of the first volume of this main series, which is why I embarked on the second volume La Cité des Cendres with always so many expectations. Expectations that have mainly been met even if my preference is still for the Origins trilogy. In any case, I once again had a great time reading this and that is the most important.

First of all, as usual, what I love at first when I open anovel Cassandra Clareis to find this author and her writing which never fails to make my little heart beat faster. . I fell in love with this feather from my reading of the first volume of Origins and my love for this author has only increased since. Nevertheless, here, with the first two volumes of The Mortal Instruments, written before the Origins, we feel that his writing style is a little less mature and that this main series is written in a very young adult style, which will appeal to everything. even young and old readers alike. If I am a little less seduced by the style of the author in these first two volumes, the fact remains that I am finding the beginnings of this writing that I adore and that I will certainly find gradually over the course of my advanced in the series. We are already dealing with a fluid and easy to read pen, very soft and sometimes even poetic while also being perfectly suited to action scenes. The descriptions of the emotions and the different actions are just perfect to take us deeper and deeper into the heart of the story, alongside the Shadowhunters in this epic and thrilling battle.

It is also this universe, the Shadowhunters, the Dark Creatures and the war that has taken place since the first volume that are the pillar of this series. In this second volume, we find the universe and the characters that we already know and Cassandra Clare introduces many new features, for our greatest pleasure. Of course, this is only the second volume and the author offers us only a few things to put in our mouths without really going really in depth, we suspect that she will keep some assets in her game for the next few years. volumes and in the end, even like that, she manages to deepen, slowly but surely, her universe and to make us always more addicted to it. I love this universe, I am completely a fan of what the author has made of it and of what she integrates into it over the volumes and I can not wait to see where her overflowing imagination will be able to take it in the next volumes, which are still very numerous.

The City of Ashes begins with an extremely tantalizing prologue, full of magic and novelties as intriguing as they are distressing. These first pages really set the tone for the story, haloed in mystery and darkness, they make us wonder more and more about Valentine’s intentions and what he is up to to achieve his ends (and that is not the case. looks pretty pretty).

This prologue and the beginning of the first part of the story therefore allow us to put things in perspective and put all this little world back in the minds of the readers, which is always appreciable. Thanks to these little reminders and this boost of energy that the author offers us from the very first pages, we dive back very quickly and especially very easily into the heart of the matter, before continuing the plot and discovering the new tricks. imagined by Cassandra Clare.

The history of the City of Ashes is divided into three distinct parts, the first two less rich in action than the third. Indeed, in the first two parts, we find our characters and we especially follow their respective evolutions. I found it super interesting, the author’s imagination is just breathtaking and I really liked what she built on this beginning of the book, doors open and opportunities appear for the characters and the ‘deepening of the plot. moreover, even if it is less present than in the third part of the novel, the action is beautiful and very present and in a way allows to prepare the ground for the continuation of the events. Personally, I really liked these first two parts, the pace of which is certainly quite slow but which allows the characters to take on more importance, in their good as in their bad sides.

Indeed, the characters are enormously deepened during this second volume, we get to know them more and more and the relationships between each other change a lot, which is not necessarily that positive unfortunately. moreover, new characters are appearing and make it possible to further enrich all this and to give a little more depth and character to our characters.

Let’s start with my favorite character from these first two books: Simon. the only pure stock human of the band gains a lot in confidence and maturity during this volume, it changes a lot and all these adventures allow to place it a little more on the front of the stage. I love this charming character, touching and so loving towards Clary, who could however need to be shaken up a little sometimes. Fortunately, the plot around Clary is really just ultra addictive and we almost forget her love uncertainties and the rather annoying love triangle that forms. Especially since Jace also has a sometimes annoying behavior but hey, as the mystery around these two thickens more and more, I forgive them their little mood swings. Especially since Jace is dealing with a new character, The Inquisitor, whose very unfair behavior towards Jace, very violent even at times, made him much more sympathetic and especially reminded me why I had known appreciate it in the first volume.

Regarding the other characters, they are still interesting to discover and are even more in-depth in this new volume. I really like the Isabelle / Alec relationship, as well as the Alec / Magnus duo but there is also Luke who is gaining more weight and Maia, whom I hope to find in the next volume. Cassandra Clare – City of Ashes Audiobook.

The third part of the story is the one with the most action and twists, sometimes a bit predictable without spoiling my reading pleasure. Cassandra Clare offers us a lot of revelations, still very subtle, and which I look forward to seeing deepened in the next tome, especially regarding the powers that Clary and Jace have and their real relationship. The questions are therefore well underway but emotion is also part of the game, allowing Jace and Clary to be on the right track so that I find more empathy towards them. the rhythm of this third part is very satisfying and ends in fireworks of action, twists and questions in the last chapters.

Indeed, the clash between the Shadowhunters and Valentine in the last chapters is really explosive and downright just ultra exciting. Obviously the questions are at the rendezvous concerning the powers of our characters but also about the relationships that are made and broken. moreover, and as is a habit with the novels of Cassandra Clare, the last pages really hold the reader in suspense to leave him on the buttocks with an ending so positively frustrating that he has only one more desire. : jump on the third volume to finally get all the answers to his questions! It’s very simple, I loved this ending and I can’t wait to discover what Cassandra Clare will have imagined for the third volume.

The pros: the rhythm, the action, the twists and turns, the author’s pen … in short, everything I already liked in the first one, plus some extremely original discoveries

The -: an annoying love triangle , and like the first volume, La Cité des Cendres remains less impressive than Les Origines. Cassandra Clare – City of Ashes Audiobook.

If I had had a huge crush on The Origins, the main series of The Mortal Instruments is not unworthy and with this second volume, La Cité des Cendres, I had a very good time reading. I am still absolutely a fan of the universe of Shadowhunters and especially of the pen of Cassandra Clare, an all-terrain feather, both well cut to offer a lot of emotions to its reader as for the pure and hard action scenes. . the pace of this second volume may seem a little too slow to some readers, personally, it didn’t bother me and on the contrary I loved taking the time to get to know and always give more depth to the characters. Admittedly, this tome serves as a bit of a tome of transition since it brings us more questions than real answers but that only makes my mouth water more! moreover, certain characters have sometimes frankly annoyed me but everything is quickly forgotten thanks to the amazing twists and turns at the end of this volume which have been able to charm me and make me feel a lot of empathy for all the characters. After these roller coasters both in terms of emotions and action, I can not wait to read the rest of the adventures of our characters in the third volume of The Mortal Instruments.