Cassandra Clare – City of Fallen Angels Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – City of Fallen Angels Audiobook

City of Fallen Angels Audiobook – By Cassandra Clare

I loved the first trilogy of The Mortal Instruments, so much so that when book four came out, I waited… Yeah, I know, weird… Well not that much. Knowing myself, I preferred to have the next three volumes on hand before relaunching myself in the story of the Dark Hunters. And I did well because The City of Fallen Angels was quite up to the previous volumes and I can only hurry: read volume five.

No surprise, I was once again spellbound by the story of Cassandra Clare. I was not bored for a single second, the pages turn without us realizing it and I have the impression that the pace is still so sustained while The City of Fallen Angels is, in itself, the first volume of this new trilogy. I expected that we would gradually get to the heart of the matter, that there would be a few quiet moments, a kind of slowness that would prepare us for the next step. Well no, and it does not displease me.

Clary is no longer at the center of events, or rather, she shares the attention with Simon. The latter takes more and more importance to my great pleasure. On the one hand, I love this character. He’s sort of the anti-hero, the good friend who hasn’t asked for anything and ends up with gifts he can’t control. I love his humor, his way of being, this fragile and touching side. He’s the perfect opposite of Jace (whom I adore too, no panic) and I find that just perfect. Besides, the interactions between these two are magical. On the other hand, Simon also allows us to have a “human” point of view. It is for me, in a sense, the anchor of the reader in this fantastic world because he still has that gaze of discovery that Clary no longer has. And, icing on the cake, it also offers us the point of view of a creature of the dark facing the world of Dark Hunters. A character whose taking on importance was a real treat for me.

I will continue with the characters. Isabelle. Ah Isabelle. How I love this character. I adore her more and more, she is a breath of fresh air with each of her appearances, her sense of repartee and humor are great and she reveals herself a lot more. His relationship with Simon should also push this discovery even further (at least, I hope). Clary and Jace haven’t really evolved in this tome. I still love both characters just as much, but for me, they kind of got stuck at some point in their story. I have nothing against their relationship being in peril yet again, although it is clearly something that I cordially hate in the literature, but I admit that even though it annoys me a bit, we stay in the continuity of history. There is no wrong note there, and I always manage to keep hope for them. The arrival of a new character, in the person of Kyle, is also a good thing. This new blood gives the story a little more spice, even if Cassandra Clare had more or less prepared her arrival. I don’t know what will become of the character, but he’s endearing so far. To see later.

As for the story, Cassandra Clare always manages to captivate me. She knows how to juggle my emotions, and her touches of humor always hit the mark with me, and I love it. Being able to laugh at a line from a character when the world might fall apart and still be on top. Things are also getting more complex. The more we advance, the more interesting the different plots become. There is a continuity with the first trilogy and I am surprised to see how the author gradually pulls the strings. Nothing is left to chance, and for me it is a guarantee of quality. Not to mention that we are learning more and more about the world of Shadowhunters. Cassandra Clare – City of Fallen Angels Audiobook.

The ending is pretty sadistic, but how can you tell you that you end up suspecting it and almost getting used to it? However, even if in my opinion, there is not necessarily too much suspense, I can not wait to find out how Cassandra Clare will end her saga. What ideas will she develop? I see something similar to the Vampire Academy series pretty well for the end, in many aspects and if I’m not mistaken, I should like it a lot.