Cassandra Clare – City of Glass Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – City of Glass Audiobook


The least we can say is that the last volume of this first trilogy is more than thrilling. I expected no less, it is true, but perhaps not so much from the author. the second volume had been interesting, but not as much as the first… There was a little something missing that is present in this volume three, and that is a very good thing.

I had been waiting for a little while to find Idris. The author tells us about it since the first volume, and I was quite impatient to see the famous quoted finally come to life. And surprisingly, I imagined it exactly like that. the fact that Clary is discovering her for the first time also gives an authentic note, as if we are actually seeing Idris through someone’s eyes… just like us, period. And that’s a big part of what I like about this novel. Clary is a Shadowhunter, a being totally different from us, but yet because of her “earthly” side, to use the expression, you can fully experience all her discoveries by putting yourself in her skin, without it being strange . And that’s a real asset for the novel.

I’m not sure what to continue with, because I have a lot of things in mind since I have just finished the novel … Let’s say the characters, because casually, there has been a lot of upheaval at this level- the. Simon, first of all. I really like this character, and it has been a real pleasure to see him appear a lot more in this book. His way of thinking and seeing things has changed, he still only thinks about Clary’s good and that thought dictates most of his decisions, but it’s a good thing. He’s inherently good, and not in a silly way. He is a character who brings a whole new dimension to the ideas we can form about dark creatures. Jace also seemed different to me. Or at least, Cassandra Clare gave us a clearer vision of him, in the sense that we really become aware of some of his facets. the fact that he is much more attentive than one might think, the guilt that constantly gnaws at him, this need to find a place of inking … Because in the end, he does not know who he really is, torn between being the son of Valentin and at the same time not really being one because of his way of being and of thinking. There again, I really liked what the author made of this tortured character.

I’m not going to talk about Clary, as she’s equal to herself, and I’ve praised her in my other two reviews before. But rather of two characters who made my hair stand on end… the new Inquisitor for example… He immediately reminded me of the character of Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter… His physique, his way of behaving… the fact that ‘he is supposed to be the representative of something good, and that he takes the opportunity to make this authority unhealthy … the character of Umbridge had marked me a lot at the time (I still remember calling her many names of ‘birds…) and she’s sort of my go-to character when it comes to beings… not abject, but not far either. And to feel this feeling again towards a character, it is not pleasant… Finally… the second, is not Valentin who in the end is someone that I can manage to define in a way, but Sébastien. A bit like Jace, from his appearance, I couldn’t stand this character. Unveiling the hidden text I don’t know if the author indirectly led to this resentment, but I admit that the clues slipped in here and there were very interesting. I also realized that I paid a lot of attention to certain things that the characters said or thought to seek information that seemed trivial, but which ultimately mattered.

As for the story itself… Full of twists and turns, thrilling, and truly masterful. I was not bored for a single moment, and it was sometimes difficult to fight against the urge to find out what happened next, so I had to slow down my reading a little so as not to eat certain passages. I really liked the different messages, too, present in many places in the novel. Tolerance, of course, but also family ties, the learning that every teenager has to do to learn to define himself, the fact that power can corrupt in different ways … Without going into a moralistic side, Cassandra Clare has very well knew how to integrate all this into his novel. And I think that if we remove the supernatural side, there are a lot of things that speak to us because still and always contemporary. Cassandra Clare – City of Glass Audiobook.

And then, of course, the fight that we all expected. And it wasn’t really the fighting itself that was interesting, but rather all the psychology of the pre-battle. See the characters trying to survive in the face of Valentine and his army of demons, the alliances that form, the opinions that evolve … I can’t wait to see what these fights will change for the Dark Creatures. or for the Dark Hunters.

Now, the question I ask myself is: will I continue volume four in stride…? I know it may seem contradictory when I announce that this novel is a crush, but I am very afraid of what could happen to the characters afterwards. The end of this volume three is perfect for me, and I have some reservations about having to see characters that I like very much suffer again (because yes, without spoiler, we must not kid ourselves either, the second trilogy will not be easy … at least I imagine). With volumes five and six not released yet (if memory serves), I might wait until they are available to continue the Dark Hunter adventures.