Cassandra Clare – City of Heavenly Fire Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – City of Heavenly Fire Audiobook

City of Heavenly Fire Audiobook – By Cassandra Clare

I had some apprehension when I started the last volume of The Mortal Instruments. Of course because I knew I was going to leave these heroes that I adore, but also because since volume four, Jace has become very faint. He is not the main hero, of course, but the fact that he has been “victimized” for two volumes has a big impact on the whole story. And very fortunately, in addition to having concluded her saga very well,Cassandra Clare returns our Jace to us with her stripping humor, her sarcasm, her impetuosity and her charm. A real breath of fresh air, and therefore, at the same time, a reading which was very pleasant. Cassandra Clare – City of Heavenly Fire Audiobook.

Unsurprisingly, I expected a lot from this volume. I wanted it to be epic, with a conclusion worthy of the name, and especially to find my favorite characters at their highest level. Demanding, surely, but when it comes to the saga that we loved, I think we have the right to want the spectacular. There were, moreover, quite a few intrigues which I hoped had to be concluded. And frankly, I was not at all disappointed. There are all the necessary ingredients, emotion, action, a moment when you believe everything is lost, losses and the spectacular. After two volumes which were nice but without rekindling the flame, I finally found the happiness of my readings of the first trilogy.

Sebastian’s war is at the gates of our world, our heroes and their allies must prepare for the worst, and betrayals are to be expected, such as new alliances. From the outset, the novel begins in an agonizing way, plunging us directly into the atmosphere of this confrontation which will be painful and devastating. We are not spared, as are the characters. And that’s good, because it couldn’t be otherwise. Of course, I would have liked some characters to have been spared, in every sense of the word, but there you go, it’s a war. And with Sébastien as an enemy, there is no doubt that it will be bloody and Machiavellian. For my part, no missteps. Our five friends, although positioned as heroes in the noblest sense, manage to win at all costs. There is a very heroic side to its climax even in the sense that, they are just kids after all, but they manage to face this war head on.

This last volume is a read on the skin. But it also has the merit of revealing to us all the intrigues of the war. I really appreciated the changes in perspective. The Nephilim aren’t the only ones at the center of the action. Wizards, werewolves and vampires are also part of the game. This of course enriches the story by giving it more weight but it also shows the evolution of society in the dark world. The Dark Hunters are no longer the only ones concerned and they will have to deal with other companies even more now. We had already had a glimpse with the previous war against Valentine, but I found here that the dimension was larger. It is also the reflection of our heroes who have evolved a lot since the beginning of the story. We are therefore following the path that will lead to the great battle, with this feeling of holding our breath. How far will Sébastien go? His psychosis seems to have no limits. And fear sets in not to leave us. Cassandra Clare – City of Heavenly Fire Audiobook.

As for the characters, in addition to the pleasure of finding Jace, the other characters are a real joy to follow. Simon and Isabelle let their guard down and finally get to move forward. This little couple is absolutely core and we are treated to some really excellent scenes. Alec has become less unsympathetic over the books even if he keeps this deadpan side which is sometimes suffocating. However, here he manages to explore emotions that make him more “human” and less smooth. Clary is always equal to herself. She gained in strength and maturity. Her “I would do anything for love” side is sometimes a bit heavy, but it’s her and it always has been her. I also particularly liked the dynamic Luke, Jocelyn, Clary. Good Jocelyn annoys me and that from the start, but these three now form a real family. See that Luke speaks of Clary using the term “his daughter” … and vice versa Clary calling her “his father” … Nothing like it to melt my little heart. Another point at the top, the presentation of new characters, like Emma, ​​Julian, Tessa and Zachariah. We feel that these characters are there to launch a new series, it’s final, and it’s perfect because knowing that I’ll be able to continue the adventure … that is priceless.

The, or rather, the ends are also a success for me. A very good conclusion with a few twitches in the heart all the same. I won’t go into details, but a little word about Jonathan / Sébastien who is entitled to a conclusion that I really appreciated. the realistic and not “bear” side of the end is also pleasant. We feel that the war has left its mark and that decisions are taken with fear and rejection. There is something positive coming out of all this, but not only that. suddenly, I closed this last volume without really nostalgia. I am happy with this ending and the saga as a whole. Our heroes have been at the end of their adventures. I know that I will see some again later, which does not spoil anything, of course!