Cassandra Clare – City of Lost Souls Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – City of Lost Souls Audiobook

City of Lost Souls Audiobook – By Cassandra Clare

I took a little more than two before attacking this volume. Not that I did not want to find the heroes and the universe, on the contrary, but I admit that this kind of paving stone often manages to slow me down. And when I look at the last volume… Outch… But I’m not going to wait with this one, I will even go straight ahead because I more than want to know what Cassandra Clare has in store for us and after reading volume five, i want to spend more time with Clary and her friends.

After Valentin’s death, I could hardly see Cassandra Clare introducing her son, Sébastien (the fake) aka Jonathan (the real one – yes, you would lose your Latin) and leave him aside without using it more in depth. He is even more psychotic than his father and he has no limits. A “perfect” villain in a way that takes Valentine’s plans to a whole new level. So, no surprise to see him back in this volume five. Cassandra Clare – City of Lost Souls Audiobook.

The author’s approach here is pretty smart. By that I mean that she doesn’t just use Sébastien with this cartoonish side, she adds a more complex emotional side to it and puts Jace in the plot. I really appreciated the treatment of free will, the choices we make for the people we love, the blindness of love itself, the difficult acts we are sometimes forced to do. We all make mistakes, and sometimes they lead to situations that are beyond us. What I like, in addition to the whole universe and the characters, is this “gray” vision of the world. Everything is not white or black. The good guys can do unfortunate things too. Romance sometimes has that stifling side between Jace and Clary, but there are quite a few situations that echo, regardless of the person.

But for me, the big plus of this saga are the characters. I thought about it while reading The City of Lost Souls. This saga manages to make me feel “at home” if it speaks to you. The strong relationships that adolescents have been able to create, the way the author manages to transcribe them. We have the impression that as long as they are together, nothing can stop them. And the tenderness there is seems real. Impossible not to get attached. Even Alec, with whom I have always had a little trouble, because I find him sometimes more immature than these friends, makes me want to see him continue on his way. And it’s quite magical to be able to feel that. There is also a balance between them. If Clary is too impulsive, Simon is there to compensate. If Alec is too rigid or immature, Isabelle pulls out a tirade to put the ideas in place. If Jace is playing heroes too much… well, there will be someone who ends up making him realize that he should be thinking about the ones he loves. Cassandra Clare – City of Lost Souls Audiobook.

This penultimate volume succeeds in laying the foundations for the last battle that is looming. A lot of things change, camps are formed, Sébastien’s plans reach such a level that we tremble in advance. I’m going to step forward a bit but I feel that book six will be quite epic. City of Lost Souls is already at a certain level, but I expect much more from City of Sacred Fire. Hope I am not mistaken.