Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel Audiobook

Clockwork Angel Audiobook (The Infernal Devices #1) – By Cassandra Clare



Theresa Gray is a young woman just like the others, close to her brother, who leads a happy life without being opulent … at least all this was true until a short time ago, when everything changed. Her aunt is deceased and while trying to join her brother Nate in London, she is kidnapped by monstrous witch sisters who reveal her true identity to her. Her gift of metamorphosis, which was until then unknown to her, makes her a very sought-after, coveted person, and makes her life hell. While life has lost all flavor and color to her, she is rescued, helped, hosted and esteemed by those who describe themselves as Shadowhunters. A whole new world is then revealed to Tessa, a world where she will find friendship and love, but also disillusion and despair, where she will meet all kinds of Dark Creatures, and where she will have to face many dilemmas. Is his life forever turned upside down, for better or for worse?

Wow, but wow! You have certainly already understood it but this first volume is purely and simply a huge crush. There are no words to describe everything I felt during this reading, and yet I will attempt to do so. Frankly, if you don’t knowThe Mortal Instruments Cassandra Clare’s, at least by name, you are from another planet. It is THE series that is talking about her at the moment, between the release of the film, the adaptation in TV series and the publication of volume 6 of the main series, Cassandra Clare is making a splash with her universe. So as I am curious, I decided to take the plunge and discover myself this series which pleases so much. Not without a hint of apprehension, so I started “from the beginning” with this first volume of the Les Origines trilogy. Result: it’s a huge crush, this novel turned me over, emptied me, left me speechless and at the same time I was so overwhelmed by everything I read, I was carried away throughout the story. Wow, how could I have missed this masterpiece for so long? I don’t know and I don’t think I am totally objective about this novel because it fascinated me so much, but if that doesn’t scare you I will try to explain everything that is so wonderful about this first one. volume of Origins. Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel Audiobook.

From the very first page, we meet Tessa, a young New Yorker who arrives in London to find her brother after the death of their aunt. And there, paf! Nothing goes as planned, but then really nothing, everything escalates and the problems are just beginning for Tessa. So you understood it: Cassandra Clare immediately plunges us into the heart of the matter, in Tessa’s troubles and questions rain even before the end of the first chapter. The author completely captures all our attention, all our concentration, all our mind with this setting up so intriguing, so thrilling! Directly, one thing is certain, we will not be bored and we will discover a magical universe. Magic, that’s the word, because, not content with making us discover sublime characters (well, it depends on which ones and from what angle; p), the author also introduces totally astonishing, frightening, but above all extremely intriguing Creatures in an atmosphere that immediately hits the mark. From the start, the tension is at its peak, the rhythm is perfectly mastered and everything is done to make us addicted, as much to the plot, as to the pen, to the twists and to the characters. It did not take me more than a few dozen pages to know that this novel would be a crush, in every sense of the word.

I immediately fell completely in love with the universe of this first volume of The Origins of The Mortal Instruments. the fantastic / historical / steampunk cocktail works wonderfully and is beautifully dosed by the author. I loved discovering with Tessa the different Dark Creatures, discovering the Laws that govern the world in which she now evolves but I also loved the contrast of all this, the fantastic and steampunk universe, with the time in which the story unfolds, with its mores, customs, and language that make all its charm. The epic fights, in which magic occupies a large place, make a magnificent contrast with the scenes of discussions around the books of the time, for example. I loved immersing myself headlong into this universe so atypical, so pleasant, so bewitching that it made me totally forget my daily life. I was completely absorbed by all the aspects of this universe that I needed to discover and it was a real treat on every page.

exquisite pen Cassandra Clare’s played an important role in my crush on this novel. Fluid, light and so natural, it gives the impression that the words flow by themselves on the paper. At the same time, each word is perfectly measured, the tension is perfectly managed, the twists and turns are masterful and the revelations are made each time at the opportune moments to offer a pleasant novelty to the reader. Cassandra Clare really has an extraordinary imagination, already for having built this universe, the characters and the laws which govern it, but also to succeed in holding her reader in suspense for 536 pages. It’s insane but it’s the truth, she always manages to create a reversal of the situation which also generates a host of other events, which bring ever more questions. There is only one thing to say:pen Cassandra Clare’s is truly, in every way, masterful.

The plot of this first volume is really very well done. Once the universe and the characters are set up, we are caught up in a truly incredible and totally thrilling story that allows us to discover a multitude of things, while bringing all the more questions to our mind. Is Tessa going to find her brother? Will they find a “normal” life? What is Tessa’s true nature? Why is the Magisterium after her? are all questions that punctuate the story and lead to many adventures giving the perfect rhythm to this story of more than 500 pages. Indeed, even after having made us discover the house of the Black Nuns, the London of the time, the Institute of Shadowhunters, and many Dark Creatures, Cassandra Clare nevertheless manages to always keep our attention, thanks to her haunting feather that spares us any length, but also thanks to the relationships that are set up between the characters, also constituting a part of the plot and allowing a good balance between action and emotions.

Full box once again at the level of the characters evolving in this first volume. I immediately loved them. It’s very simple, as soon as the two characters met, I fell completely in love with the Tessa / Will duo. Over the pages, we get to know the characters and their past a little better and we can only become attached to all of them. Tessa, with whom we discover the world of Shadowhunters, who may seem a little fragile but who hides a huge heart. She’s a character you can quickly identify with and for whom I quickly felt a lot of empathy. It is the same for Will and Jem whom I adored. They are very complementary characters and form a tender and truly magnificent duo. I loved their almost brotherly relationship based on affection and trust which allows us to better understand them and to really attach themselves to them. A really solid, very in-depth, very complex and extremely endearing main trio, which will not leave anyone indifferent. I absolutely adored all three of them and can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves in the next few books. Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel Audiobook.

At the level of the characters a little more secondary, Cassandra Clare is not really in the half measure either. All of them are very thorough and have very different but very endearing characters. Charlotte and Henry form an atypical and very touching couple, fair and loyal, they represent a firm but gentle authority. Jessamine is a bit of a rebellious but endearing teenager, if she does everything to appear “normal” even if it means renouncing her role as Shadowhunter, she is nonetheless powerful and dangerous. There is also Camille and Magnus who I really liked, her by her cold beauty and her intelligence, he by her big heart and the affection that he is able to show to others. And so on, Cassandra Clare offers us a host of extremely endearing secondary characters, which have a lot of surprises in store for us and who represent an undeniable asset in this story.

The many characters in this story constitute as many discoveries for the reader as for Tessa. Shadow Hunter, Obscure Creature, Human Being? Friends or enemies? Cassandra Clare knows very well how to play with our feelings and does not hesitate to involve discoveries and reversals of situations all more incredible and unpredictable than the others which make this story all the more addicting. The author really led me on a boat throughout his story, leaving me speechless on countless occasions. The author releases us from time to time, making us turn the pages faster and faster in order to find other answers to our questions before the end of this wonderful first volume.

And what an end, once again! Cassandra Clare gives us an explosive ending, really in keeping with the whole narrative, allowing many characters to reveal themselves, answering a few of our questions and adding new ones to the roster. Extremely rich in action and twists, this ending is truly the perfect ending. Masterful and engaging, it offers us cold sweats and adrenaline rushes, really making our little hearts see all the colors. But also undeniably frustrating, because it ends with new questions that leave us with only one, and devouring, desire, that of throwing ourselves on the second volume of the Origins trilogy to discover even more and hope to have new answers to our Questions.

The pros: EVERYTHING! (hope it’s clear enough) Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Angel Audiobook.

The -: ///

A magnificent and thrilling universe very well put together by a fluid, enigmatic and haunting pen; characters all more endearing and intriguing than the others; a story with a solid plot and very well conducted, rich in discoveries and twists; an ending that makes you want to read more immediately in order to learn more and more. What more? Everything is already there. The mechanical angel escapes all the faults that may exist in most of the first volumes, for our greatest happiness. This first volume was really a huge crush on me and I now have only one hurry: read the rest of this Origins trilogy before discovering the six volumes that make up the main series, hoping that they will be up to the task.