Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Prince Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Prince Audiobook

Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Prince Audiobook


Since arriving in London, Tessa has seen her life completely turned upside down. All her certainties about the world, about herself and about her family were shattered. And she is not at the end of her surprises. By staying with the Shadowhunters, she intends to discover the truth about her, her true nature and her origins. But many are those who want to put a spade in her wheels or try to seize her for unpleasant ends …

moreover, the young woman must come to terms with her feelings towards the various Shadowhunters , which took a considerable place, but full of questions, in his life. many mysterious parts still loom concerning each of them, their pasts will be exposed, their feelings towards each other will be strained and their lies may cost them dearly. Because behind the closest friend can sometimes hide the most vile enemy …

After my huge crush for the first volume of the Origins of The Mortal Instruments trilogy, I really had huge expectations for this second volume. If I was really afraid that he was not up to the task and that he would disappoint me, the exact opposite has happened.Cassandra Clare once again gave me a big crush. I plunged back into his magnificent universe with happiness and I found exactly everything that had made the first volume completely captivated, upset and stuck me. I felt exactly the same emotions with this new volume, I was taken in the guts by each word of the author, by each thought and by each situation experienced by the different characters. I was simply left speechless once again at the genius shown by the author in each of his volumes. I have only one hurry by closing this second volume: to discover as quickly as possible all the other volumes composing the series. So, what got me so excited?

The author’s writing first. Always so fluid and soft, simple to read and poetic but also energetic and overflowing with emotions, Cassandra Clare really has a perfect pen, agile and thrilling, which is perfectly suited to this type of novels mixing young adult / fantasy and historical period. She always manages to perfection the many aspects of her novel, making the action scenes ultra gripping and the interactions between characters ultra touching.Cassandra Clare really has a pen capable of adapting to all situations, which she copes with brilliantly.

I still adore the encounters between the traditional ways and customs of the century in which our characters evolve and those imposed by the breathtaking universe of the author, which give rise to very funny and perfectly adorable scenes. I am always also captivated by the imagination of the author, who knew how to renew itself, to make me discover new aspects of his universe and his characters, while developing the multiple parallel intrigues which populate his account. Another masterstroke, for this author who is making more and more room in my heart with his magnificent words which will leave no one unmoved.

The universe created by Cassandra Clare is truly fascinating in its many facets and its ever-increasing complexity. Indeed, the author deepens his universe even more in this second volume thanks to the different tracks put in place during the previous volume. It makes us discover more and more Dark Creatures, demons, wizards or vampires, and allows us to know more about the Shadowhunters. Jem’s illness and his bond with Will are also a pretext for new discoveries about this universe which can only be welcome. But since the author knows exactly how to manage his suspense, it still leaves huge parts of the shadows hanging that we will have to shed light on when reading the third and final volume of this prequel trilogy. Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Prince Audiobook.

I really loved immersing myself in this unique, magical, completely captivating universe full of mysteries. Each aspect, each facet of the universe imagined by Cassandra Clare seems to have multiple ramifications always more thrilling, most of which, still hidden, that I look forward to discovering in the third volume. I particularly appreciate the atmosphere that reigns in this series, sometimes sweet and pleasant, and other times harsh and cruel, but always with that little extra something that makes you want to stay always longer in this universe and ‘find out more about him. In short, the universe is for me one of the essential points of this series, which gives it a very special atmosphere that can only make us addicted.

In addition to a magical atmosphere, Cassandra Clare always captivates us with her gripping and amazing story which is enriched more and more over the pages. The plot deepens and takes unexpected and ever more addictive turns that make us unable to take our eyes off the pages that scroll at breakneck speed. If at the beginning of the first volume, the plot could have seemed unique but simple, here the author definitely takes it more complex paths, and I literally loved it. I loved the overflowing imagination that the author expresses through his plot, I was overwhelmed by the number of mysteries and questions that hover over and over again and again over Tessa, and I was left speechless at the complex knot with multiple ramifications represented by the plot of this trilogy. I was once again amazed, astonished, blown away by the great richness of the story and the intrigue. Because Cassandra Clare has not only built her plot around Tessa, she has been able to imagine something much bigger, by linking each character to a plot, questions, mysteries that are specific to her … master, once again.

Each of the characters in this novel is just perfect in the role assigned to them by the author. Whether they are Shadowhunters or Dark Creatures, all are magnificent; in their goodness and their kindness or in their Machiavellianism and their monstrosity. Everyone has a key role to play in the multiple nodes of the plot of this trilogy and all of them are essential: they are the pillar, those who make this story so gripping in all these aspects, those on whom it leans. ‘plot. Their humanity, or its absence for some, gives a truly exquisite charm to the story and offers a simply additive dimension to this trilogy.

If everything is really mastered to perfection in this story, the characters are really an undoubtedly essential point. They bring an emotional dimension that is just magical, magnificent and almost real to the story. First there is our shock trio: Tessa, Will and Jem, who are so adorable. Tessa is always so funny, with her difference between the customs of the time and the habits of the Shadowhunters, she is intelligent, courageous and so sensitive to what those around her may feel, she is truly a superb character. Will, what can I say …. I just love it. I love his flaws due to his difficult past, I love his dark humor, I love his sensitivity and his fragility but I also love his bad boy side; THE perfect character in short. And on the other hand, there is Jem, who also made my heart crack, calm, gentle, affectionate. When he loves he doesn’t count and it’s so wonderful to see him happy. The relationships that these three maintain are so strong, so delicate, subtle. So true that they are sure to bring tears to the eyes of readers. Frankly, I loved it, even if I am completely divided, completely torn about the decisions made by Tessa, it is also what contributed to my crush. I can’t wait to see how their relationship evolves in the third and final book of this prequel trilogy to The Mortal Instruments.

Concerning secondary characters such as Jessamine, Charlotte and Henry or Magnus and Camille, they are faithful to what they were already in the first volume. The first seeks love, the second goes through trials specific to their characters and the third allows us to discover more about the universe. Once again I loved finding all these characters, so colorful, all different, endearing and intriguing in their own way. They make us all discover new aspects of the plot, push it forward, making it more complex and always more gripping, which can only be an asset.

Cassandra Clare takes us very easily in her story, in her intrigue thanks to a perfect rhythm where everything is regulated like music paper. Every passage, every sentence is exactly where it should be and no room is left to chance. Result, the rhythm is absolutely perfect, rising crescendo, leading us as easily in the action as in the emotion and offering us just enough discoveries and revelations to make us turn the pages more and more quickly. The twists and turns are magnificent and perfectly unpredictable, the twists and turns of situations follow one another and the discoveries leave you speechless. I loved from start to finish what the author has built, the paths she has taken for her plot, the revelations she also gives us and that until the very last page. Cassandra Clare – Clockwork Prince Audiobook.

This end! Once again, so perfect, both in the emotions it provides and in the suspense it leaves. Cassandra Clare has once again concocted an end that leaves us speechless, an astonishing end, rich in action but which above all closes this second volume on a huge cliffhanger so frustrating, and paradoxically, so beautiful. If a kind of serenity escapes from this ending, it also brings with it a huge set of questions concerning the future of each of the characters. I can’t wait to read the third volume of this prequel trilogy, to finally know the end of the story concerning the plot but also to discover the conclusion of the different personal stories of all the characters. I have only one thing to do: throw myself on the third volume!

The pros: Everything is really perfect!

The -: ///

the Mechanical Prince, second volume of the prequel trilogy to The Mortal Instruments, was once again a huge crush. Cassandra Clare has magic at her fingertips, she has a just wonderful imagination and she offers us such a wonderful second volume. His words are perfect, always right, they make us feel all kinds of emotions and the fluidity with which they flow together means that all the conditions are met to make this novel an addicting page turner. Once again I was captivated by the universe imagined by the author, which is expanding enormously, but also by the different characters who evolve there and who are just perfect, endearing and almost human. The plot, too, becomes much more complex, with many amazing and very gripping ramifications, which promise a lot of things for the third volume. A third volume that I can’t wait to discover because after the frustrating end of this second volume, it promises to be explosive.