George R. R. Martin – Dangerous Women Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Dangerous Women Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Dangerous Women Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – Dangerous Women Audiobook

I became aware of the book by the name George R. R. Martin on the cover, which is hard to miss. The book with the novella from the “The Song of Ice and Fire” universe by George R. R. Martin is advertised, because I am a big fan of the series, I could not resist it. This short story collection contains 21 stories from different genres. There is fantasy, science fiction, thriller, thriller and historical stories and a dystopia. And they all have one thing in common, it’s about strong and sometimes dangerous women.

I find the cover rather simple, but quite appealing. The details on the gun look very nice. I also liked the structure of the book George R. R. Martin – Dangerous Women Audiobook. First there is an introduction by Gardner Dozois, which is quite interesting. He reports on dangerous women in literature and world history. Now the 21 cure stories follow, but before they start. There is always a small idea of ​​the respective author, in which his / her works are also listed. I found this very helpful and informative.
It starts with Joe Abercrombie, his story had a Wild Wild West flair and I really liked it, I’ll read more about him. Megan Abbott’s story was a little highlight for me. From so few pages, she has managed to create such an oppressive and dense atmosphere that I am very excited to read a book George R. R. Martin – Dangerous Women Audiobook from her. On the other hand, I couldn’t do much with the historical story of Cecelia Holland, I couldn’t deal with her style of writing. Melinda Snodgrass was also unable to fully convince me, but this was more due to her SF story, I can’t get much out of the genre. Jim Butcher is well known to many, I have not read any of his Harry Dresner novels and therefore had problems with the story because it is an addition to the series. I was just missing some information.

Carrie Vaughn picks up an interesting topic, Russian pilots in WWII, a solid short story. Joe R. Lansdale, has contributed a successful mystery story to this collection, in which the power of a woman is impressively demonstrated. Megan Lindholm’s story was very exciting and mysterious. I really liked the idea behind it. Lawrence Block also takes us into an exciting story. I really liked Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy story. You have to come up with such ideas first, the atmosphere is depressing, only the name of the main protagonist has disturbed me, the dear “Silent Vanguard” (yes that is her name) got me out of the reading flow. Sharon Kay Penmann contributed a solid and informative historical short story. Her title “Queen in Exile” was also chosen for the cover. The story is about marriage, war and an empress who cannot be defeated.

Lev Grossman writes a short story about students in a magic boarding school and revenge. For me one of the weakest stories, it was quite boring and there was too much rambling. For this, Nancy Kress’s dystopia was a successful conversation. Almost all women in the world are sterile, you can imagine how frightening this future seminar may be, especially for a woman who is sterile and therefore useless. I didn’t really find my way into Diana Rowland’s story, which is why I canceled this novella.

Diana Gabaldon contributed a history of “Fire and Stone”. Very nice to read and I’m already looking forward to the series. There is a paranormal novella by Sherrilyn Kenyon, which was pretty creepy. I liked the idea behind Sam Syke’s short story, but I couldn’t deal with his writing style. Pat Cadigan is unfortunately somewhat predictable, but still nice to read. Caroline Spector contributed an SF story from the Wild Cards universe, unfortunately not for me. A protagonist who shoots bubbles at my zombies is just too much for me.

The short story by George R. R. Martin is the last, the best comes at the end. Unfortunately, George R. R. Martin has outdone himself again in terms of names, degrees of kinship and lords. This was not a big problem for me because I am quite fit there. But I cannot imagine that someone who does not know the series will stay on the ball with all the names and entanglements. Nevertheless, history makes you want more.

A successful mix in terms of genre and entertainment value.
I think there is something for everyone here



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