Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now Audiobook

Eckhart Tolle – The Power Of Now Audiobook (A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment)

Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now Audiobook
Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now Audiobook




It is wonderful to be absent from the books for a while, to return to a book of precious psychological value that takes you from stillness and emptiness to tranquility and fullness.
Eckhart Toole as he searches for the hidden forces in us, time affects all other things, and he sees the problem and the solution at the same time ..
At a time when the past constitutes a war ending, and the future a burning war ..
It puts us in a camp now for rest, survival, and awareness ..
As a reader, I cannot put the true legacies of the book in words from the fabric of my own characters, but I can undoubtedly be able to convey the spiritual impact that dominated me, and to quote the book’s broad titles something about my faith in it ..

Existence and enlightenment ..
They are the true face of the mind, the true mind that does not enslave us in controlling our destinies, but it is the mind / instrument that God has harnessed for us in order to use it when it is needed.,.
Existence is perception, perception of the moment (now). The true fear of time …
And that enlightenment is the deepest perception.
And when it is not possible to remain enlightened or even aware, it is sufficient that we train ourselves on the new consciousness, to devote to thinking in now, to resort to strength now to protect our self from loss and from being lazy and sorrowful in the past, or the prophecies of the future that may not be Fit for us! ..
It is moving to another address, free yourself from your mind! ..
The mind is so powerful that it steals us from ourselves while distracting us with its personal tragedies. Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now Audiobook .  the rhythms of its past and the imaginary mazes of its future from our present. The absolute awareness is the unconscious of the mind! ..
Then Tul turns to the angle of feeling, as it is the natural reflection of our image in the mind! ..
Sadness, anger, emotional distress and pain, even sexual pleasure, or caused by pleasures in general, are a temporary depiction of our state, of our loss towards loss or self-sufficiency ..
The past is repeated in our minds as we listen to it as if it is a new story, which leaves smears of sadness on our faces. Perhaps, with its heavy accumulation, it may turn into a chronic disease that inhabits our bodies.
This is true servitude, everything starts from within us, freedom and faith, or servitude and misguidance.
This is a new opening for talking about fear, the mental and physical illness that affects most people.
Something happens at some point, instead of thinking about it for what it is, our mind floods us with its consequences what will be or what we have, so we forget to tackle the matter and go away with fear to what will happen, or even for fear of our sad past, so that we lose millions of important moments that can Its strength is strict and ends forever,.

Then Tol talks about the types of time: psychological time and real time (hours and days).
That the real time, when we live it, we look more conscious, healthier and more free .. because it dye us with strength now, and with decisions of strength now ..
As for the psychological time, it is the past and the future at the same time .. It is he who tries to drag us or pull us towards it .. We will live in an age other than ours and what does not concern us with anything ..

Then he speaks briefly about the reality of seizing the moment .. by breathing, by owning the present moment and treating it as a separate unit from all times, and the author does not call us to say that this is pure imagination .. because he admits that we will be happy and sad times other, which is human nature but he It does not allow us to mourn for a past that died and disappeared or we fear for a future that may not come .. He calls us an explicit call to be ourselves in the current moment (now), and to deal with them with full confidence and awareness, to ask our mind to work at that moment in proportion With her without crying for his looks! ..

Then he turns to Tol to talk about conformity, which is one of the words that he re-uses a lot, as it means .. that a person surrenders himself completely and completely to the mind and is identical with him ..
If the mind took the direction of thinking about a desperate and sad childish dream, then we as a whole body, we go where the last crushed dream that ended and nothing is required of it, and we resent then we grieve or fear or feel very anxious, then the features of despair appear on us, and this sense of the body is transmitted through headache T sickness! ..
Here we become identical with the mind, who is indeed one of our enemies if we do not put him in the right place in our lives ..
And he talks about breaking this congruence is the true consciousness, meaning that liberation from the mind is consciousness.

He speaks beautifully later on, about human relationships, how they can be a sign of happiness, when we use force now to deal with a partner, or a friend … to accept the other through our understanding that he is this person in our moment, without prejudice or failed prophecies, And how can we be of help to others when we break our conformity with our mind, where we do not adhere to a past error or a failed dialogue, as we say no or yes to things about a current conviction with them without returning to different times ..
And how does this conscious behavior make others look silently with their minds and re-search for consciousness again?

Finally, he talks about beautiful surrender, not in our understanding that we give up and practice cowardice and abandonment, not but by living the present moment and trusting it on ourselves, and dealing with things that contradict us in our lives, such as separation or the collapse of an emotional relationship or failure, by surrender as reality, and that resistance is nothing but Intransigence of the self and a new congruence with the mind that rejoices in being in pain, that this does not mean that we do not deal with matters with all solutions but without pulling the current to the bottom of support and negative resistance, which means that we give room for the mind to dictate to us the absolute negativity and then we fall into sickness! ..

This is a transient summary of a deep state of mind left by the book, making you think that you have lost millions of moments, for a very past event … or that you do not feel present things because you are studying their future without even studying them themselves.