Sarah J. Maas – Empire of Storms Audiobook

Sarah J. Maas – Empire of Storms Audiobook

Empire of Storms Audiobook – (Thrones of Glass Book#5)

After saving Adarlan’s kingdom from the clutches of the demon-possessed king, Aelin hands the reins of power to Dorian and heads north to join Terrasen and position herself as the rightful queen. But nothing goes as planned, she is not recognized by the nobles of Terrasen and must face two threats: that of Erawan still in Morath, assembling a terrifying army; and that of Maeve, the queen of the Fae who wants to recover the Wyrdkeys for herself. The young queen, supported by her new court, will have to show a lot of courage.

Sarah J. Maas will end up having my skin… This volume 5 was simply masterful! I am completely a fan of this series, and waiting for 2018 for the next volume is a torture !!

What twists and turns and revelations! Especiaally in the second part of the novel, where events and battles are linked. Several times, I had to put this book down to digest this excess of emotions caused by the pen of Sarah J. Maas.

Aelin is at the peak of her power, more sure of herself than ever, despite all the trials she has to overcome. I found her really courageous in this tome, and although her somewhat authoritarian side resurfaced from time to time, I better understood all her secrecy at the end of the novel: Aelin is one step ahead of everything and everybody. She planned everything, planned everything. It’s really in this volume that I realized the full dimension of her character, her desire to do things well for the people she loves, for her people, to the detriment of herself. She amazed me with her selflessness and her acceptance of her tragic destiny. Sarah J. Maas – Empire of Storms Audiobook.

His relationship with Rowan takes a more serious, deeper turn. Their feelings and the electrical tension that reigns between them is very precisely measured, nothing is neither too cutesy nor too exaggerated.

As for the other characters, they are not left out. The author perfectly explored all the possible cogs in the different relationships, and several other duets were formed, to my great pleasure! I wouldn’t say more, I don’t want to spoil future readers!

To make us wait until the release of her next volume, Sarah J. Maas recently announced that the sequel concerning Chaol was longer than expected, and would be released as a novel in September 2017, which will make it possible ‘wait a little shorter until 2018!