Ender’s Game Audiobook

Ender’s Game Audiobook

Ender’s Game Audiobook – By Orson Scott Card




Wiggin parents can be proud of their offspring.

Three children, three little geniuses who, from early childhood, abandon dolls and little soldiers to start thinking and acting like brilliant adults. Three child prodigies (or monsters?) Who will influence the future of Earthlings.

Nothing less !

And it is not the least of the paradoxes to believe from the first pages, thanks toextraordinary talent as a storyteller Orson Scott Card’s, in this crazy story.

In this distant future, earthlings are at a crossroads. No sooner do they discover that they are not alone in the universe than they narrowly escape annihilation by powerful and overdeveloped extraterrestrials, nicknamed Colorado beetles, with radically different thinking from theirs. from this bloody confrontation, the earthlings recover a new technology, the ansible, which allows them to communicate instantly across the vastness of the universe.

Thanks to the ansible, they have the means to attack the Colorado beetles in their own world. But to carry out this new war, where it is a question of exterminating the enemy, the military staff needs a great warlord. A rare gem who would shake up all the prerequisites, who would invent new strategies; a brilliant strategist adored by his men and capable of winning a battle by fighting one against ten … A kind of Napoleon who would not have ended up being defeated, in a way, or of Alexander the Great who would not have burned his life by both ends of the candle.

The staff sets its sights on the third child of the Wiggin family: Andrew nicknamed Ender by his big sister Valentine. Since his birth, his actions and actions have been monitored, dissected, analyzed, thanks to a monitor placed in his brain. The soldiers guess in him all the qualities of a great leader: visionary, diehard, perfectionist … Ender is kidnapped from his family at the age of six and sent to the military academy to be trained for his future role. An apprenticeship of incredible hardness and violence. The adults do everything to isolate Ender from the other kids in the academy. They throw this kid who is younger, weaker than the others, as a food for the hatred and the wickedness of the little bosses who cannot stand this strange aura which emanates from his person. In this hostile world, Ender has no choice but to be crushed or become the best, the first. And that’s what he will become.

We can only be troubled by this kid. Throughout the pages, we see him speak and adopt the behavior of a brilliant, cunning and calculating adult, before becoming again this child under ten who suffers excruciatingly from the absence of his mother and from abysmal loneliness. . We wonder several times if he will reach the end of his training with all his reason.

What about the adults who keep playing sorcerer’s apprentice by shamelessly manipulating Ender to achieve their ends? We are totally disgusted and at the same time we understand their motivation, because on Ender’s success depends the survival of the human species.

Ender! A funny kid, anyway! So tall, so young… Able to have empathy for his enemy before destroying him… Master of his actions, and totally manipulated…

I don’t know if I would have liked to meet him.

As I do not want to be cursed by those who wish to read the book, I will not speak of the last fifty pages. Just know that they are dazzling, unexpected, surprising, intense.

Ender’s Game Audiobook is a great science fiction book, some are about masterpieces, dealing with the manipulation, loneliness and cynicism of men of power. By analogy, and without wanting to play the conspiratorial, this book also makes us touch with the finger the way in which our system of thought can be conditioned and formatted.

In short ! One more cycle or saga that has begun and that I absolutely must finish….