Christopher Paolini – Eragon Audiobook

Christopher Paolini – Eragon Audiobook

Eragon Audiobook – By Christopher Paolini




Resume of Eragon Audiobook :


Eragon leads a simple life, until one day he picks up a strange blue stone in the forest. The boy discovers that it is an egg and soon witnesses the birth … of a dragon! By deciding to raise him, he becomes Dragon Rider, heir to an elite caste that the terrible King Galbatorix wants to eliminate. Eragon is only sixteen years old, but the fate of the kingdom of Alagaësia is in his hands.


Review Of Eragon Audiobook :


This wonderful first volume of a youth fantasy saga was not a favorite. But it really, really wasn’t far away.


Why, but why have I waited so long to start this saga? Because I had seen the film and it hadn’t left a lasting impression on me? Because it is really, really big and tends to be a bit off-putting when you think about how long it will probably take to read it? Because everyone loves it and it suddenly seems rather fishy?

Probably a bit of all of that at the same time …

And thanks to Crouton, who had challenged me to read it among 19 other novels last year, it was in my priority reading. Unfortunately, in 2013, I didn’t have time to deal with his case. Also, I decided to go back to the emergency room in 2014 🙂

Great luck because it was really really good reading.

I still took 9 days to read it, yes, almost 700 pages, to carry at arm’s length, it lacks comfort and it takes time. But I enjoyed it, yes 🙂

I found the adventure of Eragon, this apparently ordinary young human, but not that much in the end, absolutely thrilling and each page brought me great pleasure. I felt a bit like in the days of Harry Potter, or At the Crossroads of Worlds (to name a few books in the same category as this one) really completely absorbed in the story, to the point of dreaming about dragons almost every night. I just missed a bit of attachment to our young Hero, Eragon, who, at least at the beginning, is still practically only a child. I loved him very much, but not yet so much that my heart burns for him, or shrinks in anguish when he was in danger. But I bet that it can be perfectly arranged with volume 2, if the character continues his momentum and continues to grow and mature as quickly and so spectacularly. At the end of this volume 1, we were almost there, I think. On the other hand, I immediately liked Saphira, her strap, and the relationship they both form. Dedicated to a great destiny as a duo, they are there to save the world, and all the peoples that can be found in a fantasy story, elves, dwarves, magicians … Many beautiful and great souls to discover in this novel.

Despite the large number of pages in this book, I enjoyed every word of it, well in its place, and would have taken none out. I did not find any length, and each page has its purpose. I really really liked this start! I hope to enjoy its sequels as much. (Some bloggers have already told me some caveats for the following volumes, we’ll see! The Elder is in my PAL, the others have yet to be acquired …)


In detail:

– The cover: I have known her since long, long before it landed in my library, and I’ve always loved it immensely. I never get tired of it. The sapphire blue color of the whole is eye-catching, the contrast with the gold title grips it, and the magnificent Saphira strap keeps it. A book that is really pleasant to have in your library, and that you can be proud to showcase. A real success in my opinion. I would say that the first two out of the four that make up the saga are particularly dear to me, the other two a little less, I find the colors less attractive and the dragon less attractive, but not much ^^.

– the style: Wahou! This is a “youth” style that I like. Far from being simple, it can be suitable for all ages. In the manner of Philip Pullman andJK Rowling, we are not here in a clumsy or childish style, but in an adult style suited to a quality youth story. Christopher Paolini has a perfect pen, extremely clear and addictive, without overdoing it. A writing that is there to support an already great story, and to raise it to the rank of excellent. The dialogues are perfectly balanced, neither too much nor too little, the descriptions are not boring, the action arrives when it has to, lasts the time it takes. The adventure is beautiful and it is ALSO thanks to the pen of Mr Paolini.

– The story: Truly thrilling, engaging, immersive. The quest for Eragon is a magnificent epic. He leaves to understand and ends up following his destiny, going through many pitfalls, and progressing in his learning, with his altruistic personality and his courage. Eragon is what any fantasy novel (especially youth) should be. A jewel between imagination and respect for codes. Following a dragon tree and its gleaming mount, learning with it how to take care of a dragon, how to forge such a special, almost fusional bond with it, and living with them all these adventures brought me back to an age where we can believe in everything, and where, above all, the magic is omnipresent. And … God it’s good! I really spent 9 days immersed in a supernatural and wonderful world where you don’t know whom to trust, and where to summon fire and ride through the skies on the saddle of a dragon can seem like really real things. A very, very beautiful story, which touches our children’s hearts brilliantly. Eragon Audiobook Free .

– The characters: As I said above, I have not yet fully appropriated the character of Eragon, who was perhaps still a little too immature in this first volume, even if it still improves a lot on the end. I’m pretty sure I will like it even more in the following volumes, because it is growing and maturing a lot in this first opus already. He is a courageous young boy, he has character, and dreams are full of dreams. He’s always enjoyed dragon tree stories and the legends that revolve around them, and it’s his dream that he sees come true when Saphira chooses him.

To speak a little about Saphira, on the other hand, I immediately appreciated her. A baby dragon chooses its dragon tree before it even hatches, and is faithful to it until death, protecting it from danger at the risk of its life. She too must learn to live with her dragon tree. She is a strong character, with her own personality, full of qualities, sometimes of uncertainties, which makes her terribly endearing. Throughout the book, we dream of one day having our own dragon too.

Arya is a secondary character that I liked too. Normal she’s an elf, and I like love elves. We do not yet know it very well in this first volume, but I hope to see it again in the following ones, because I appreciated it a lot.

Overall, all the characters are well thought out, well constructed, a success in that regard too.

– The edition: Nothing to say, a superb work. A crazy cover, foolproof solidity (yes I mistreat my books enough to judge!) A book that I bought used, which had already made many people dream before me, and to which I added the marks of my own reading. A book that has lived, and, if you can see it, which nevertheless remains perfectly presentable. Nothing comes off, nothing really gets damaged, apart from the corners, a little bit ^^.

Nothing to say about the correction either, I think I noticed 2 typos (I perhaps missed some too, taken that I was in my reading) on ​​nearly 700 pages, a very nice score therefore !


I can only advise you to start the Eragon saga if you have not yet done so, and whatever your hesitation about it. It’s really an excellent first opus, and I will attack the 2 faster and with more ardor, I’m sure 🙂