Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus Audiobook

Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus Audiobook

Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus Audiobook



If we really want to give a fair feeling about this book, we must begin by explaining the effect it produces during and after reading.

We have the strange impression of floating, our eyes constantly marveling at the spectacle of the marquees striped in white and black, to the point of forgetting that this story is impossible, that no Cirque of Dreams will not grow in the field next door or in the middle of our avenue. Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus Audiobook .

We are really cut off from the world, from the time that passes in spite of ourselves, and as long as the book is not finished, part of our mind remains chained to it.


Make no mistake, the Circus is the main character here, but it is also the instrument of a beautiful romance, because the two magicians who confront each other are gradually making each other the pillar of their life, the one to which they offer magical attractions by way of love letters.

Everything does not happen immediately, we have to be patient, and in the meantime, the parallel learning of our two prodigies allows us to know them individually, to better understand how two schools of magical thought are opposed.

Love therefore comes at the right time, transforming into a passion that borders on veneration. It’s beautiful, strewn with unspoken words, intense in the common scenes, and dramatic to the end …


The strong point of this novel undoubtedly lies in the author’s ability to immerse us in her story, by taking us around in turn adopting the points of view of each group of protagonists, whether they observe the Circus from the outside or whether they are the heart of it. all while alternating the eras in each chapter, the past and the present pass the baton to better prepare us for what will follow.

We get used to it quickly, especially since on these two timelines we do not go back, we unroll them forward until they intersect.


First of all, we are spectators, whose curiosity and fascination we sharpen on the canvas of the marquees. Inserts describing the new shows are subtly slipped around certain chapters, reminding us that we are above all there to take full view.

But we are also here to understand how this extraordinary Circus was created, how a strange bond was woven between it and its founders, the sacrifices that it costs everyone to maintain the tear of the veil between dreams and reality.

We travel from country to country, crossing and re-crossing the oceans, to realize that the excitement of the Circus indiscriminately contaminates individuals.

Everyone sees it as a way to escape, an expression of their deepest aspirations, which we discover are shared by thousands of people. This is how the Circus brings together, cements friendships.


It is a unique novel. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a literary equivalent for it. the start is soft, pleasant, it is a bit slow, but we get done quickly at this pace because we know that reading is meant above all to be contemplative.

We lay solid foundations and the reader’s interest is sharpened in spite of himself, since when the time for confrontation and revelations arrives, we shrink with impatience.

The writing is fluid, of an only apparent simplicity, because the images constructed are it with evocative words which confer a vibrating power to the style, which results in a numbness of the senses.


Not everyone has the same sensitivity, some are born dreamers, so I can understand that this book does not appeal to all readers. But I can’t help but hope he will. Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus Audiobook .

Give it a try, see if you too can wear a bright red scarf, a sign of recognition from fans of the Circus.