Erin Watt – Broken Prince Audiobook

Erin Watt – Broken Prince Audiobook

Broken Prince Audiobook – (The Royals Series Book#2)



BE CAREFUL, this is the second opus saga, the chronicle may contain spoilers on the previous volume.

Immediately received … Immediately read! And yes, like many of you, the end of the first game left me totally helpless and really angry. It was total incomprehension and the two authors played their shot very well. A masterful end cliffhanger that did not fail to make me ruminate on many hypotheses as to the future.

In this second opus, we dive directly into Reed’s universe, a universe that has just collapsed once again, whatever happens Reed has the impression that he messes up everything and basically it can -to be a little true… Still, he finds himself lost since Ella’s distance. The only thing that had managed to make him better is gone and chaos is back at the Royal … You will tell me but wasn’t he already there? Well, in the first game, the Royal brothers had found a certain balance with Ella, she managed to make them better, all of them better. But now all good things come to an end. Will Reed manage to get his life back in hand when everything is against him? Will he succeed in winning back Ella and prove to her that he is worthy of his love?

This sequel turns out to be just as excellent as the first volume. The authors were able to deliver us a second exciting volume under high tension. I liked the introduction to Reed’s thoughts, I really needed to know what he thought of this whole catastrophic situation, we quickly realize the extent of the damage and that our heroes do not are not at the end of their sentences. Reed has always been a leader, the one you follow with your eyes closed because he’s a Royal and took up the torch when Gideon left for college, but in this second opus, everything falls apart . the departure of Ella will cause a real descent into hell for the Royal. Reed can no longer think and keep his cool, for Easton it is an accumulation of excess, escapades and debauchery. The twins didn’t seem more touched than that, but they weren’t very close to Ella. Gideon as for him remains a great mystery.

We discover in this suite metamorphosed characters. I worried a lot for Ella in the first few chapters. It was an unbearable wait not to hear from him. Reed appears to us in a different light, he is forever changed. I liked seeing him question himself while keeping his own self-sufficiency because he remains a Royal anyway ^^ Reed is more thoughtful in this sequel, we feel him very tormented and he gives himself up much more to us. Somehow, it was really in this sequel that I was sure he had a lot of potential. He is a hero who finally made me dream because there is really good in him. But Reed won’t immediately understand the importance of keeping Ella’s secrets, and it just might play dirty tricks on her. Ella is also changed by the events of the first opus. She must have taken it all her life, looking happy and alive and it’s only when she believes she has a right to happiness that Reed betrays her in the worst possible way … Ella shows us once again that she is a strong young woman but here be careful because her hardness could mislead her … I found her super courageous in the face of what she is going to live. She is truly a modern heroine who shows us that she does not need anyone to live. I was also concerned about Easton, he hurt me a lot, I wanted to help him overcome Ella’s absence. I have to say I love the relationship they have, their duo is working really well. We feel that a bond unites them, it is not love in the true sense of the word but it is a deep affection on which Easton is dependent. In this sequel, Easton totally derails and I didn’t like it, I didn’t like seeing him in the self-destruct. He is really one of my favorites in this saga. Gideon was the center of my attention again, and yes this dark man attracts me, he is hiding something and we learn a little more here but not enough for my taste, I can’t wait to discover his history. We obviously find Callum and Brooke. My god what emotions with these two characters. The detractors of Ella will be numerous in this second opus, the poor will have very little respite.

The plot of this suite is masterful, rhythmic and fierce. Between secrets, threats and manipulations, the reader finds himself embroiled in a multitude of imbroglios. Our heroes will try to gain the upper hand, to live alongside each other. The authors do not spare us, frankly I read this second volume in apnea, I was so captivated by what was playing before my eyes. Obviously, I was enraged, exulted at times; I wanted to scream, to slap certain characters. This saga stimulates me enormously, it pushes me to react in various ways. I love the anxiety-provoking atmosphere of the story, you never know what to expect, what cheap shots or what twists and turns to prepare. Obviously the love story is always at the heart of the story, Ella and Reed have grievances towards each other. Reed fucked up and I liked that he was willing to make amends to Ella. the scenario turns out to be incredibly complex and yet everything fits together well, I never felt lost between the characters and the outcome of the story.

Romance is just as complicated. Here it is about trust, forgiveness and acceptance. Deep feelings will hurt the sensitivity of our characters, because in love nothing is ever easy. I liked the way Ella was able to stay in control of herself. Nevertheless I found him a little stubborn at times ^^

I really wonder how the two authors share the writing work. I could not dissociate the style of each. All I know is that I am furiously addicted to this saga. I loved this second volume, I hung on page after page. And then I came to this horrible end… Why? But why ? No, I admit that this finale is even worse than the end of the previous volume. Because it is not a cliffhanger which falls on us but two well… Yes yes and it is violent I assure you.

In short, this second volume Erin Watt – Broken Prince Audiobook  is really a treat. A permanent tension keeps the reader in suspense, I devoured this novel in one go, it could not be otherwise, I had waited too long to have it in my hands, I needed answers ^^ Erin Watt us really offers a saga that brings together all the ingredients I love in new romance. A plot under high tension, characters who all hide secrets and a love story that evolves in the midst of this chaos. It’s really a saga not to be missed, a real phenomenon!