Mary Shelley – Frankenstein Audiobook

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein Audiobook

Frankenstein Audiobook – By Mary Shelley




Like Dracula, Doctor Frankenstein Audiobook and his creature are recurring characters in the Seventh Art. Everything and (especially) anything has been edited on these iconic figures: so I wanted to discover for myself the original text by Mary Shelley.


Victor Frankenstein Audiobook is a young man keen on science from an early age. Barely returned to his adult life, he left his hometown of Geneva and his family to settle in Germany and begin studies at the University of Ingolstadt. Two teachers will then introduce him to chemistry and the natural sciences: from that moment, the young man will have no other goal than to discover the origin of life. At the end of hard work, he himself will succeed in giving life to a creature. But, by dint of wanting to play God, the course of his existence will be completely upset, things going from bad to worse.


The novel is composed of three stories put in abyss, that is to say that they fit into each other like Russian dolls. the first narrates the polar exploration of Walton who collected on his boat Victor Frankenstein Audiobook; the second relates the story of the latter and the third relates to the survival and learning of the creature. This composition offers great dynamism to the plot while distilling elements of understanding into the story, enlightening the reader on the history of the characters.


As for the latter, Mary SHELLEY has worked a lot on their psychology. They are deeply human and escape all Manichaeism. I felt a lot of empathy for them: certainly, Doctor Frankenstein Audiobook suffers from the atrocities committed by his creature, but did he not initially reject it? Doesn’t he disdain her share of happiness by refusing to create a similar one for her? Certainly, the “monster” has committed unforgivable acts but does not he not suffer from his repulsive aspect which is worth to him rejection and loneliness even though he has a fine and refined mind?


Mary SHELLEY’s novel also allows us to develop several lines of thought not devoid of philosophy, such as hatred, revenge, loneliness, friendship, happiness or Human Nature. Are we human because we live and think? Are we human because we feel emotions and have feelings? Are we human because we are able to develop social relationships?


Finally, Mary SHELLEY’s writing style surprised me a lot at first: as Fnitter pointed out, the style is pompous and quaint. I agree and it took me a few pages to get used to it. But after that, I completely agreed: the style is incredibly beautiful and very diverse. the lyricism that emerges from it gives the reader an impression of poetry and brings him completely closer to the narrators.


In short, you will understand, the novel by Mary SHELLEY seduced me a lot by its writing style, its realism and its avenues of reflection. It is much more substantial than the initial idea would suggest. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to take the detour, it is worth a look.