Gary Paulsen – Hatchet Audiobook

Gary Paulsen – Hatchet Audiobook

Hatchet Audiobook – By Gary Paulsen



Crashed, surviving in the wilderness.


Thirteen-year-old Brian flies alone in a small plane over the limitless forests of Canada. When the pilot has a heart attack, the plane crashes. This scene is not discussed too extensively. The pages mainly cite the moments during the urge to survive in the wilderness. After the disaster in the jungle of Canada, Brian manages to save himself from the wreck, but once on land he is on his own. Wild animals, a plane wreck, food shortage and no people around you; Brian is panicking well. With only a hatchet in his pocket, he has to survive in the wilderness of Canada. Exciting and youthfully written and certainly based on Robinson Crusoe – Expedition Robinson. The end of the book is approaching. After Brian has a terrible fight with a bear, a plane suddenly flies over the woods. Whether the plane sees the plumes of smoke from Brian’s campfire is still the question.


The book is called Crashed, Wilderness Survival. This book was written by Gary Paulsen. Gary Paulsen is a writer of children’s books. The book most resembles realism. It is of course fictional, but it is written so realistically that the book can best be placed within the genre of realism. In reality, it could also happen that a small plane crashed somewhere in the wilderness of Canada. It is fictitious that as a 13-year-old boy you know so much to survive. Yet this book is categorized under realism.


The main character in Gary Paulsen – Hatchet Audiobook is drawn on the cover of the book. He is hesitantly shooting at fish with a bow and arrow. This exciting fictional children’s book is suitable for readers of about twelve years old.


This is a skillfully written youth book. I read this book as a ten year old boy. Slightly too young according to the criteria, but this book was no less beautiful. The moment of the heart attack is quite intense for children. This certainly affected me. Subsequently, actually surviving was fun and fascinating to read. Especially how a thirteen-year-old boy knows so much and manages to save himself without parents in the terrifying forests of Canada.


The grade is a good one! This book receives four out of five stars.