George R. R. Martin – A Clash of Kings Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – A Clash of Kings Audiobook

Clash of Kings Audiobook – (A Song of Ice And Fire Book#2)




Where it took me several months and a lot of trouble to manage to finish the first volume, the second opus of “The Iron Throne” will have waited only ten short days to be completely swallowed up, if I had been told that I was going to devour this book so quickly, I wouldn’t have believed it!

First thing to underline and not the least: the translation which, I find, has improved a lot since volume 1, the style remains rather mediocre at times, a few sentences turned in a rather crappy way or the translation of “Direwolf” in “werewolf” which still saddens me as much (but I think it’s a bit late to change that now, I just have to get used to it …) but overall I found the ‘whole much more “digestible”, I did not have to reread passages several times to understand them and above all I did not have the feeling that the style was heavy as during my reading of the first volume, in short there still has some progress to make in this area but I am confident about the future, I hope not to be disappointed!

The pen therefore helped me to finish my reading in no time but it is nothing compared to the intrigue that kept me going from start to finish, I thought I would read a few chapters of this second volume by here and there in parallel with my other readings, but it was simply impossible for me to put this book down to focus on another, I absolutely wanted to know what happened next and I went through the pages without being able to stop , even going so far as to devour the last 300 in a single day!

Once again, the story is rich in twists and turns that have left me on my ass more than once! But above all, the icing on the cake: the action is much more present in this volume than in the first, I did not think it was possible but it makes me even more impatient to see season 2 of the series, because it will bleed : D

To talk more about the plot, the form of the story remains the same: the points of view of several characters follow one another, so we find the Stark (Catelyn, Sansa, Arya and Bran), Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow , and Daenerys Targaryen; Two new kids are added to them: Davos Mervault (knight of Stannis) and Theon Greyjoy (hostage and ward of the Stark family).

First good surprise: Tyrion is the most present character of this volume, I had been quite mixed about him during the first volume, but there I found the character that I had adored so much in the series, maybe even that I love him even more now! Always successful repartitions, a brilliant intelligence, and a good background but maybe not in all circumstances, Tyrion shows us new facets of his personality in this volume and that only makes him more fascinating.

Another surprise: Sansa, I who couldn’t stand her at the beginning of the saga but who had all the same had a little pity for her afterwards, I was astonished to wait impatiently for her passages, maybe is -this due to its unenviable situation; blocked far from her family and surrounded by raptors who mistreat her psychologically and physically (except in a pinch Tyrion, the Bloodhound – although a little “nag” on the edges, and Ser Dontos; who spare her and who even show proof kindness to him from time to time); which played on my feeling towards her, I do not see how I could have remained insensitive to what she endures, but I still find that her character has evolved well, she no longer seems to be the nunuche, capricious kid who lived in a fairy tale that she was before, despite the mistakes she keeps making every now and then, and the moments of weakness she goes through, she also manages to show intelligence and even of courage on various occasions, obviously she is not yet a fighter as can be the other women of the book (like Catelyn, Daenerys or even Cersei Lannister) but she does not let herself wither, she really tries to save his skin and regain his freedom. She has matured well, and I am happy to see that I have succeeded in attaching myself to her!

Unsurprisingly this time, I loved finding my little choupinette: Arya who has not changed and who is also trying to get out of the mess she is in.

But also Catelyn, and yet I hadn’t managed to hang on to her character in the first book (she seemed cold to me and a bit cruel at times) but she made a good impression on me here, I even managed to have a lot pain for her after all the hardships she has to endure, and the harshness that I had previously found her is totally absent here, or at least I did not feel it (at the same time Jon Snow is not in the area, so that probably influences her mood!) but anyway, I took a liking to her.

To end on the side of the characters who won my sympathy, there is also Bran who I liked from the start but who ended up convincing me here, things were not easy for him either, and I I have been touched more than once by his reactions and his dismay, moreover his bow did not bother me for a single moment.

Unlike these figures that I liked, I still can not get excited about Jon Snow and the adventures he lives, whether it is volume 1, volume 2 or the series, this part bores me. , the character leaves me indifferent, and I don’t even hesitate to fly over these passages anymore because I have little hope of being interested in them one day. I just wish I knew who Jon Snow’s mom is, I don’t care about the rest!

As I said above, we have the right to two new points of view, first of all: Theon, which allows us both to visit the Iron Islands but also to know a little more about him since ‘he really did act as a secondary character in the past. I did not like the character (a handsome guy doubled as a pervert for short!) And I was not always captivated by the chapters concerning him, but in general I was still interested and we can say that the boy brings a lot of action!

As for the second, it is about Davos, there unfortunately there will not be much to say about it, very few chapters concern it (two or three if I’m not mistaken) but it has the merit of us allow to take a little look at Stannis Baratheon and what he’s up to.

You’re going to tell me that I forgot to mention one of the characters, and yes I haven’t brought up Daenerys yet but I have to say that I don’t even know what to think of her, I still appreciate the character. but its plot did not thrill me, on the one hand it is clearly more set back than the others, if we except Davos Daenerys is the one which has the fewest chapters centered on it, but I especially found that the story ended up going in circles and I was not carried away by this part, I hope that the author will propose something more interesting in volume 3 …

Alongside all these protagonists, there is a multitude other characters, I would not name them all, I especially remember that Jaime Lannister and Robb Stark are desperately absent, but it is not necessarily dramatic for the second since the little time he appears I found him very arrogant, but I hope that we will see them more in season 2 of the series (and then if I do not see R ichard Madden on screen, I risk having a depression: D)

And then there is also Cersei (whom I love to hate), Joffrey Lannister (whom I want to see die), Sandor Clegane alias “The Hound “(which I would like to see a little more later), Gendry (who intrigues me), Petyr Baelish says” Littlefinger “who is not a saint and who will surely have surprises in store for us, and many others again, I forget some but there are a lot of characters to follow and I have trouble remembering them all!

To conclude, I am delighted to have continued this saga on paper, after having struggled so much on volume 1 I was afraid to embark on this George R. R. Martin – A Clash of Kings Audiobook , especially since it is even thicker, but there is no had no reason because it was a great time to read, and now I can not wait to get into the third volume, a few more days of waiting and I am tackling it, strongly!