George R. R. Martin – A Night at the Tarn House Audio book

George R. R. Martin – A Night at the Tarn House Audio book

George R. R. Martin – A Night at the Tarn House Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – A Night at the Tarn House Audio book




  • It was in Camden Passage, well known to Londoners for its antique shops, that Commissioner Richard Jury met Jane Holdsworth, a very pretty woman and a widow of recent date. The love at first sight is immediate and reciprocal, and the connection which is taking shape is singularly passionate. It was quickly a question of marriage, but the matter ended when the beautiful Jane was found dead. Murder or suicide? Under house arrest in London, Jury, who is among the suspects, dispatches to Tarn House, the home of the Holdsworths, his friend Melrose Plant, eighth Earl of Caverness, fifth viscount Ardry. The latter is hired as a librarian by the family. Funny family by the way, starting with the son of Jane, a brilliant teenager who wins fortunes by playing races and cheating in poker, not to mention his stepfather, George R. R. Martin – A Night at the Tarn House Audio book the old, rich and eccentric Adam Holdsworth, who prefers at its own chateau, the ambiance of a rowdy luxury retirement home. We could not forget the young Millie, eleven, who plays the role of chief cook at Tarn House, and who keeps wondering about the strange death of her mother, five years ago. An amazing gallery of characters, therefore,  linked together by a troubled past and unspoken stories that seem impenetrable. Not for a keen mind like that of Melrose Plant, however. And when, finally released from house arrest, Jury will join his friend in the company of his inseparable sergeant Wiggins, it will be to untie the last sons of a dark family riddle.Before devoting herself full-time to writing, Martha Grimes was a long-time professor of English literature, which she taught at the University of Maryland. This is felt both in the construction of its intrigue and in the quality of its style, which is both elegant, precise and remarkably efficient.

    Beyond a clever “English mystery”, a superb psychological novel, where each character – even a secondary one – is portrayed with the meticulousness of a Flemish painting. This seventh novel by Martha Grimes, published by the Presses de la Cite, is a little gem.


  • A dry and humourless assortment of brief items, A Night at the Tarn House themed alongside the strains of “The dying Earth”, a fantasy guide written by Jack Vance method again in 1950, and which hardly anybody right this moment really is aware of or has heard of. Themed collections had been huge in the 1970s, then vanished i the 1980s as sci-fi brief fiction went by means of a dolldrums time. Back now in the 21st century, missing any obvious relevence to comtemporary writing. All the writers right here have attempterd to emulate Vance’s fashion and tone, and whereas that is been profitable, it has been at the expense of any sense of engagement or animation in the narrative. They’ve striven so arduous to mimick the fashion that this really will get in the method of the tales themselves. Some humour right here or there can be good, as I’m positive Vance himself meant his “Fantasy World” to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, however there’s none.
  • Even the George R. R. Martin providing is dry and dead-seeming. All fashion and no content material. What fantasy lacks is logic and rationale. This assortment is not any exception. To be learn one at a time every now and then, and never in a single nice huge serving to. Or you may go cross-eyed.