George R. R. Martin – Jokers Wild Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Jokers Wild Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Jokers Wild Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – Jokers Wild Audiobook



This third volume of Wild Cards tells us about a special day: the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the appearance of the virus creating aces and jokers, this whole tribe of superhumans with more or less interesting powers. but rather than telling us about this day in general, this novel George R. R. Martin – Jokers Wild Audiobook focuses on two intrigues (and a dozen characters) which will advance hour by hour towards a spectacular conclusion.

I have the distinct impression of having witnessed a missed novel.
It started off well with fairly charismatic characters, an intrigue that remains dynamic throughout the story, and a vision of New York sufficiently precise to allow the story to be embodied. And then things fell apart in sex and violence.

Sex has a little meaning, but violence doesn’t. Indeed, the big bad is super-too-strong and kills people as if to laugh. The fact that characters die is not surprising in retrospect in a Martin novel. On the other hand, the fact that the killer is at this point stronger imbalance in my opinion the story to give it an all too Hollywood look.

It’s a shame, because the series has a very strong potential, but this volume completely broke my desire to continue
Closing the first trilogy, or rather – as he prefers to call the first three volumes of “Wild Cards” G.R.R.M himself – “triads” fails in many respects.

The main disadvantage is the main story axis, pretext and disappointing, drawn in a thick line, especially in the finale. In addition, while in the previous two volumes, whose construction was based rather on fairly interrelated stories, therefore the difference in the style of narrative and way of leading the characters did not bother – in “Crazy Jokers” it was decided to go completely in the direction of the mosaic novel and you can not resist the impression that individual sections of the book George R. R. Martin – Jokers Wild Audiobook differ significantly in level from others. Therefore, there are also several problems with the logical entwining of some threads, the coherence of history, and the interactions between the characters are too often strange.

In the case of “Jokers Wild“, even without knowing that as many as seven authors wrote the book, you can easily guess that this is the child of many fathers (and two mothers). I would definitely prefer to keep this series in the form of an anthology of stories taking place in a common universe. As the sensational volume one shows, it was much better for individual writers to focus on their own heroes and their “adventures” in closed, shorter forms.

I regretted the fact that the artists did not bother at all this time with a broader historical background. Looking at history through the prism of meta-people appearing in our reality was one of the greatest assets of the first volume. In the second the issue was underestimated, and in “Crazy Jokers” completely abandoned. There are a few “flavors” between the lines (Fidel Castro, as a baseball player), but this is definitely not enough.

“Crazy Jokers” will undoubtedly please all fans of Marvel or DC comics. Here they will find a huge number of references to characters and events from comics, of course in a much more vulgar, violent and often mundane form. This approach to comic book schemas could have shocked in 1987, when comics presented stories much more infantile than it is today – today, well, “Crazy Jokers” do not stand too much above, you can say, “current”, postmodern trends.