George R. R. Martin – Nightflyers Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Nightflyers Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Nightflyers Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – Nightflyers Audiobook



A journey to the outer limits of the known universe, a quest for the unknown full of technology and the darkness of our own human brain. In this collection of short stories, six stories by George R.R. Martin, better known for his A Song of Ice and Fire series (aka A Game of Thrones). An entertaining book of dated sci-fi fantasy stories with an edge of horror.

The cover proudly states that Nightflyers can now also be seen on Netflix. An exciting, dark series in the trend that we have become accustomed to from the master after Games of Thrones. Still with a lot of imagination, but this time with an emphasis on spaceships and aliens. Nightflyers is a science fiction work that will give the reader goosebumps.

The bundle contains six shorter works in which scientists, soldiers and protagonists alike. Not everything feels like scifi, some stories have a more historical touch. And so “Weekend in a war zone” will especially appeal to the gamers among us because of the beautiful parallel that is being drawn and the vision of the protagonist who is increasingly distorted.

So what these stories have in common is the familiar dark tone of George‘s stories. A tone that resonates strongly in all stories. The translation by Eisso Post is easy to read, so that the stories are read in an instant. A suitable book to take with you on a trip or in the bath, and to be able to read away in stages or just in between.

The stories are well structured, have a starting point in which the situation is outlined and an end point in which the main character often comes to a conclusion about himself or about the choices in his life. In terms of writing style, therefore, a nice book to read.

The title of the book “Nightflyers” has been translated into Dutch for the story as “Nachtvliegers”, while the following story has simply remained “override” in the translation. So a mix of Dutch and English from which you can see that the translation is modern and recent. However, the stories themselves date from the 1970s and this is evident in the theme, the use of technology and the fantasy surrounding it, but also in presented facts and the comparisons that the characters draw in the book between the situations they are confronted with and knowledge they have from the past. A breed that voluntarily commits suicide, which is like lemmings that work over a cliff – a well-known trope from the late 1950s, early 1960s, now widely known as fake. And so there are more disproved facts and facts that were still large and considered general knowledge around the 1970s. Nice to recognize and spot it.

The style of Martin’s stories is reminiscent of many other sci-fi writers from the same time period. His stories are well thought out and indeed show weaknesses and defects of man. If you are looking for a few more short stories in this genre, this is a book that will please you. Also a must-read for every Martin fan, even if only to see the differences and similarities with his other works, and of course a must-have for the series of viewers of Nightflyers.