George R. R. Martin – The Book of Swords Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The Book of Swords Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The Book of Swords Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – The Book of Swords Audiobook



At the very beginning I fell in love with this wonderful setting and I knew that even if somehow the plot would not appeal to me, I would still love it, and all this graphics certainly belongs to one of the best covers on my entire shelf. Admit it, don’t these swords look phenomenal and wouldn’t you want to watch them over and over again?

The collection of The Book of Swords includes stories by Georg R.R. Martin, Robin Hobb, Kate Elliott, Daniel Abraham, C.J. Cherryh, Garth Nix, Ellen Kushner, Elizabeth Bear, Lavie Tidhar, Walter John Williams, K.J. Parker, Ken Liu, Matthew Huges, Scott Lynch and Cecelia Holland. So if some of these names are not strange to you, you should at least think for a moment if you would not like to read the next fragment of their work – and I must admit that some of them are really great.

What’s wonderful, it doesn’t matter in what order we decide to familiarize ourselves with the stories – I admit, I personally started from the very end – and we will not lose the sense contained in them. So if one of the stories presented there intrigues you more than the others, nothing prevents you from getting acquainted with it!

Despite everything, I was most delighted with the stories of George R.R. Martin and Garth Nix, which had something that significantly differentiated them from other stories George R. R. Martin – The Book of Swords Audiobook. While on some of them I could treat with a slight tongue in cheek, saying that apparently the author did not have the opportunity to show off and had to limit himself to a certain number of pages, so in particular in these two cases I did not have such an impression, and getting through it turned out to be just pleasure.

The whole, despite the fact that it was written by many other authors, George R. R. Martin – The Book of Swords Audiobook  is read quickly and pleasantly, and after the reading itself there are many nice memories. This is a great escape from many others, perhaps much more demanding novels, which does not mean that for this reason we should treat her worse than other readings. I also think that the “Book of Swords” can be a good start to get acquainted with many other works of its co-authors – for example, I know that I should get to Martin’s books as soon as possible and I’m proud of myself that I have had the opportunity read even a tiny fraction of his work.

It is one of those perfect summer books, at that time of beach holidays where you are looking for a sliding book, but not too demanding because you alternate between other things to do. And if you try not to fall into contemporary classic or classic stories, I’d say this is fine. There are about fifteen stories, some like more and others less, all on the average of forty pages. My favorite, needless to say, was the last one, by George R.R. Martin, who spoke of Aegon Targaryen’s children and their clashes
the stories of Robin Hobb (dramatic, poignant) and Daniel Abraham. I can’t say that that of George R.R. Martin really impressed me, however; it is probable that the fact of wanting to cover with a story only a very long period of the history of the Game of Thrones required this style of “Historical Chronicle”, and it is interesting to know the lives of the ancestors of such beautiful characters … but this made the story less enthralling, slower.
Difficult to rate this because of the diverse styles within the “Swords & Sorcerers” Fantasy genre. Absolute highlights were the stories of George R. R. Martin (as A Song of Ice and Fire fan no surprise to me), K.J. Parker and Scott Lynch. I can recommend these three short stories (The Sons of the Dragon, The Best Man Wins, and The Smoke of Gold is Glory respectively), although the story of George R.R. Martin is more of a historiography from the world of Game of Thrones.

This book also gave me the opportunity to try the different styles. Because of this I found out that some settings appealed to me and others did not.

I found the choice for the alternative world during the Roman Empire interesting in “I Am a Handsome Man”, Said Apollo Crow by Kate Elliott and the steampunk setting of The Colgrid Conundrum by Rich Larson, but I noticed that I actually didn’t related to Norse mythology / history in Hrunting by CJ Cherryh.

In short, something for everyone in this bundle whose average quality was high. Also a good option to discover what you like and don’t like in this subgenre of Fantasy.

So if you are interested in this type of atmosphere, or just want to read a few unusual stories, I encourage you to read this book and I guarantee that you will not regret this meeting. Personally, I feel convinced and I think that despite everything, in the near future I will decide to reach for a slightly more extensive book of one of the authors presented there. I highly recommend it!