George R. R. Martin – The Ice Dragon Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The Ice Dragon Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The Ice Dragon Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – The Ice Dragon Audiobook



I had no idea what to expect with this book and the fact that it was from George R. R. Martin intrigued me. First of all, I really loved the object itself. Hardcover, illuminations and initials, illustrations, like the good old story books!

We meet Adara, a very special girl. She was born on the coldest night that man has ever lived, and her mother unfortunately died in childbirth. It is said that the girl was marked by winter and, indeed, she has a strange behavior. The child never smiles and looks forward to each winter. She is the only one who can touch the ice lizards without them dying and likes to spend whole days, alone in the snowy fields building pretty ice castles. One day, she meets an ice dragon. She knows he is coming for her and she is not scared. The creature, reputed to be indomitable, is a creature of winter after all, like Adara. When war rages on in her country, Adara finds herself faced with a difficult choice: will she choose winter or her family? Difficult to decide for a little girl!

I loved this story! It is original and full of freshness. I really felt like I was going back to childhood. I was fascinated by the tale of the snow queen when I was a little girl, here is a modern version full of charm.

Adara is a winter child who seems to live only for the onset of this season each year. She is looking forward to it, especially since it is synonymous with the return of the ice dragon, a legendary creature feared by all, with which the girl has a special connection.

As cold as winter, it is difficult at first to become attached to Adara who seems devoid of emotions for her family since her love and attachment are only reserved for the ice dragon. Without revealing the intrigue too much, I must nevertheless say that I really liked the way in which the author evolves our young heroine who ends up “warming up”.

If we are facing a children’s book, the story is not particularly sweet and some scenes of fights between dragons are, for example, to be expected. Nothing too traumatic, I reassure you, but it may be to take into account before putting the book in the hands of the youngest. For my part, I am not fond of this kind of scene, but I still appreciate these passages very well described by the author.

As for the conclusion of the book, I found it perfect with this little poetic and even enchanting side which is perfectly suited to children’s stories.

The object-book

The George R. R. Martin – The Ice Dragon Audiobook is just beautiful! From the sublime cover to the silky touch to the illustrations, everything is done to delight the pupils’ pupils.

The numerous illustrations immerse us completely in history and almost allow us to feel the ice and cold so present in the book.

Adara’s story touched me. She is a touching little girl, who despite her young age understands a lot about the world around her. She is very lonely and realizes that her father is not as caring with her as with her brother and sister. This book deals with themes in which young and old are inevitably found. Besides, I decided to read it to my son in a few years. I know he will love the story and the beautiful illustrations.

The fact that it is rather short did not bother me and it is even an asset for the young audience. We can read it to our children or a child who has learned to read can find it alone without difficulty.

George R. R. Martin – The Ice Dragon Audiobook  which takes place in the universe of Game of thrones but which will seduce you even if you do not know the series. It is more of a tale but with many deaths, George RR Martin obliges;)

Adara was born on a very cold day. The cold has crept into her ever since and killed her mother when she was born.

Since Adara only lives for the winter. She feels different from the others and she is because in her own way she is a winter girl. She builds ice castles every winter and has a special connection with the animals that come out of winter because she is cold too. She has never warmed since birth.

In summer, she counts the days that bring her closer to winter among her family: her distant father, her frivolous sister and her curious brother …

But in winter she manages to tame an ice dragon, each year she gets a little closer to him and dreams of flying with him …

Only the war is getting closer and everything will not go as well as it dreams of.

I do not have much to add to this book except that I will keep a very good memory of it and that I will keep it preciously. It is rare to fall