George R. R. Martin – The Skin Trade Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The Skin Trade Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The Skin Trade Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – The Skin Trade Audiobook



4.5 out of 5 🌟 It is from the great George R.R. Martin, he is a unique writer. His GOT is just great written.

“When Randi Wade’s father is brutally murdered while performing his duty as a police officer – torn apart by a wild animal, according to the official investigation result – it is a shock from which the young woman barely recovers.

Almost 20 years later: As a private investigator, Randi struggles through life more badly than right. When her best friend Willie asks her to find out about a murder case, the nightmare appears to be starting again. The current victim was also mutilated and skinned alive.

Could it be that the beast that killed her father back then strikes again? And is her boyfriend Willie really who he claims to be? Does he know more about the weird series of murders than he says?

The novel, which received the World Fantasy Award, is considered by many readers to be the best werewolf story ever written. And I can understand that well.

‘In the skin of the wolf’ elegantly combines elements of dark crime with the werewolf motif into a dark, gripping story with unexpected twists and turns. And simply coherent, fascinating drawings Chinatown meets Der Wolfsmensch and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

An eBook edition of In der Haut der Wolfes does not appear.

Publishers Weekly: “This relentlessly grim story is definitely not for the squeamish, but it is almost impossible to put it down.” to admire again and see the details again.

Source: Amazon Verlag

I love his Game of Thrones books and again I see the huge images behind his words.
George R. R. Martin – The Skin Trade Audiobook .”In the skin of the wolf” comes in its original version from 1989 and deals with, the title is program with werewolves. It is a very original story
and in my eyes rightly deserved the award, the only drawback is the brevity of the story here would have loved to read more. The image of the
Outside of short stories, novels and Romancy transfigurations, there are unfortunately only a few stories worth reading about these fascinating creatures, whose symbology is at least as great as that of the vampires. It also reminded me in its entirety of the filmed ‘Underworld’ series. How could one better depict and describe hidden and educated things in the shadows of civilization than by presenting the form of a wild beast chasing after blood and zet disorder than, for example, one big wild wolf?

. The main characters of the novella are the private investigator Randi, who is still suffering from the mysterious and gruesome death of her father, and her platonic friend Willie, who is well hit and I really like it as a character and quickly grew sn’s heart. The chatter of the two has given the story a round face. Willi’s debt collection agency runs with heart and compassion, but you can still feel that there is something dark beneath its surface. And yes, the twists are not out of thin air either. But stylishly installed.
The illustrations in the book were an absolute plus point and luckily they did not look like anime with fake big eyes but actually a good deal of horror.Martin, in fact, adds new facets to the genre and tells his werewolf story in a sophisticated and intelligent way. The translation was also great and I noticed no discrepancies.

The story is published by Festa as a decorative hardcover with dust jacket and ribbon. George R. R. Martin – The Skin Trade Audiobook . The latter serves rather the optics and the overall impression, because most readers should have read through the relatively short and good writing style in one go. The cover picture also comes from Timo Würz and the great illustrations! , whose style also stands out clearly from the usual appearance of the other titles of Festa Verlag. The style is reminiscent of a dark graphic novella somehow of creepy novels that often play in Scotland and in moors and fit perfectly with the title and the content.

A small but fine piece of jewelry and who is as fascinated by lycanthropy as I am a clear reading recommendation!