George R. R. Martin – The Sworn Sword Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The Sworn Sword Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The Sworn Sword Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – The Sworn Sword Audio book



The Storm of Swords the third book in The Game of Thrones series and honestly up into this point my favorite entry in this series and before getting into spoilers I’m going to go ahead and give my spoiler-free review which will be a little on the shorter end but I kind of has to be and at this point the series is so well-read and just so everywhere that I don’t feel bad making the spoiler free section a little shorter .

Storm of Swords to me was my favorite so far Game of Thrones book a largely due to the fact that is just incredibly character-driven to set up for this book pretty much is already taken place A Storm of Swords is a lot about the execution in the consequences of certain things that have been building for the last two bucks which allowed George RR Martin to focus on the characters he’s already created and explore them and their choices in the consequences of the situations they are in of course there’s a the infamous scenes in this book that will get into any spoiler-filled section what through and through I couldn’t really dislike a single characters Ark and this really isn’t a spoiler .

but Jaime Lannister starts becoming likeable in this book which I truly found to be amazing he really should be one of the most unlikable characters in the history of fantasy you can really make that case but the guy has Charisma and it shines through which brings me to praising George RR Martin‘s presentation of human beings instead of having villains be villains and heroes be heroes everyone falls in the gray Spectrum for George RR Martin’s and that’s not news for me saying that that’s been said across the reviews of Game of Thrones from the TV show to the books .

what I want to really emphasize here is that not everyone is always right not everyone is always wrong their people and it never feels like he is an author is forcing them to make a choice to have them push a little more gray and avoid being perfectly unflawed Heroes it’s just a matter of this is how a human would behave no one is so good you think they’d always make the right choice and no one is so bad you think they’d always make the wrong choice and there’s varying levels of intelligence here there’s varying levels of just morality is a hole with Ashley makes it more difficult to write these people because of an out-of-character .

choice is made it would really stand out like a sore thumb to even the most kind of just blase reader with in Game of Thrones I’ve yet to encounter that anything that felt like it could have been slightly out of place is either later on explained or you begin to understand the character on a little more of a deep level which helps you kind of just more fall in love with George RR Martin’s incredible writing style even deeper I’m just going to go ahead and make the claim that George RR Martin fully deserves the praise he gets with in and out of fantasy it’s very common when something becomes this popular that there’s people who like to be cool by hating on it but you don’t really see that for Game of Thrones because there’s just not even really room to make those claims in terms of World building character plot just you name any feature of a book .

I need to be focused on George R. R. Martin – The Sworn Sword Audiobook and just Game of Thrones as a larger whole executed better than almost any of his peers can even dream of their even things I would go as far as to say that George RR Martin does Leaps and Bounds better than his contemporaries like Brandon Sanderson who is another author you consider the top of his game but George RR Martin’s ability to craft steaks and make a world feel gritty yet not over-the-top and still believable is truly unrivaled within not even just fantasy and grimdark fantasy.

but I I think of many examples of Than Fiction that rival his ability to craft a world that just feels so lived-in but more specifically A Storm of Swords I want to just go ahead and get my stuff out of the way here with the summary yes it’s as good as pretty much your hearing is my personal favorite entry in the series so far and the character work done here should really be the driving force that makes you pick up a Storm of Swords and the last little spoiler-free bit I want to talk about here is conflict I’ve already praised character and world and plot is obviously amazing but when it comes to where I think George RR Martin shine strongest conflict is on top and I don’t think it gets talked about enough people like to talk about the typical stuff you review here which I’ve just done .

but we talked about how conflict is handled in a fantasy series because it’s usually on the same kind of standard par this epic thing is happening these people need to go against it there’s probably someone standing in their way they overcome that person they get to the Ensign Theriault Indian scenarios handled sometimes there’s some real character motivation and they are sometimes it’s all just situational plot devices and things like that.