George R. R. Martin – The World of Ice and Fire Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – The World of Ice and Fire Audiobook (The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones)

George R. R. Martin – The World of Ice and Fire Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – The World of Ice and Fire Audiobook



The cover definitely looks terrific in its simplicity – centered around the three dragons of the Targaryen House, one of the most important families who held the throne in Westeros for almost 300 years.

This extensive illustrated book is definitely recommended to all fans of the series The Song of Ice and Fire and the series Game of Thrones George R. R. Martin – The World of Ice and Fire Audiobook. It is really unbelievable what backgrounds from the past George R. R. Martin created for his fantasy epic, what is happening before the story we know. Everything you experience here extends to the first volume “The Gentlemen of Winterfell”.

The whole thing is accompanied by many colorful illustrations that have been really successful and so you can see the story again directly.
But what can you expect from the content George R. R. Martin – The World of Ice and Fire Audiobook ?

— It starts with the age of dawn —

Very little is known about this in the older writings of the Andals, Valyrians, Gihiscari and Asshai. The only thing that is certain is that Westeros was inhabited by the giants from the north and the children of the forest.
About 8 to 12 thousand years ago, however, the first people from the eastern countries settled in Westeros and a war broke out against the children of the forest, which could only be ended by a pact after centuries.
Here the author has cleverly solved the “story of origin”, precisely because some details remain in the dark. The narrator, Maester Yandel, has brought together fragments of knowledge from the past centuries.

— The Age of Heroes —

describes the first civilization on Essos and the different settlements from which the peoples formed that later ceded each other in war and slavery.
These included the Andals, who had to flee to Westeros and lived out their hunger for power against the First Humans.
A few Targaryens were also able to save themselves and one of them, Aegon the Conqueror, was able to start a campaign with the help of Orys Baratheon, which finally united all seven kingdoms.

Here you can find some pointers to the current events or names that keep popping up throughout history.

— The chronicles of the Targaryen Kings follow —

who ruled Westeros for almost 300 years – up to Aerys II, which everyone knows only as the “Mad King”. As always, George RR Martin throws an infinite number of names around him, with backgrounds and details, always thinking how he can do it all while remaining so tangible that you don’t think this is a fictional work in to hold hands! The last section on Aerys is particularly interesting because it gives important information about the current implications.

— There is a detailed overview of each of the seven kingdoms —

Their development since dawn with many details on the rise of the houses, which read like an exciting history book and fit wonderfully harmoniously into the overall picture and make things that are known from the books or the series clearer. Also with great pictures of the maps and the castles

~ The north – the Stark house in Winterfell
The wall – defended by the night watch
~ The Riverlands – the Tully House in Rapid Water
~ The Green Valley – the Arryn house in Hohenehr
The Iron Islands – the house of Graufreud on the island of Peik
~ Westlande – the Lennister house in Casterlystein
~ The vastness – the Tyrell house in the rose garden
~ The Stormlands – the Baratheon House in Storm Cape
~ Dorne – the Martell house in Sonnspeer

Finally, there is a small roundabout about the other countries beyond the sea like the Free Cities, z. B. Braavos and Pentos, but also more remote areas. George R. R. Martin orients himself a lot on the models of our world in terms of landscapes, vegetation or cultures, but creates a completely new world of his own.

On the last pages you can find an extensive pedigree of the three big houses Targaryen, Stark and Lennister.


I am completely overwhelmed by this wonderfully illustrated and extensive look into the past of the world of ice and fire. An incredible level of detail that brings the history of this country closer and despite many names and details it will not be boring!