George R. R. Martin – Under Siege Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Under Siege Audiobook

George R. R. Martin – Under Siege Audiobook
George R. R. Martin – Under Siege Audiobook



Who would’ve believed that ? A chronicle of a George R. R. Martin in the pages of Acheron? I admit that the author was far from having a chance of appearing with us since my first experience with the books of the Gentleman had turned out to be a fiasco. It did not reassure me frankly when I asked Cook if he wanted to take care (in case) of this current collection of news and that his answer was at the very least clear at the sight of the cover of the book : “Boaf! Just seeing his face, it annoys me …”. Ok man, the message is passed (drop), I will take care of this “Under Siege” by George R. R. Martin alone …

Which in the end turns out to be quite heterogeneous since history rubs shoulders with SF, which rubs shoulders with dystopia.
In fact “Under Siege” presents us with seven more or less old news and all annotated in order to put the story in context.
La Forteresse opens the ball. George R. R. Martin – Under Siege Audiobook . This new story traces the last moments of the Sveaborg fortress which was in the hands of the Swedes but which changed sides in favor of the Russians following numerous military adventures. The author, passionate about history, immerses us in the heart of the fortress and makes us experience the internal tensions that tore the battalion present in the fort.
La Mort Est Mon Héritage features a former secret agent, suffering from cancer and who is trying to change the future by shooting down a guru with questionable speech, capable of galvanizing crowds. the text is dark, pessimistic and tries to highlight the fact that despite all the good will of the world, fate cannot be changed.
Make way now for one of the most impactful news of this collection, Weekend in the War Zone. This tells us about the joys of modern society, deprived of war for a long time and which evacuates this lack through societies which organize real war zones. Here, it is a company that sends its employees to reinforce “group cohesion”. George R. R. Martin – Under Siege Audiobook . the hero (who is actually an anti-hero) will find himself catapulted into the middle of a battlefield without being motivated more than that. He is accompanied by a horrifying born warrior that we all know to have one around us. In short, the moral of this story will leave a bitter taste in our mouths and make us reflect on the harmful and twisted influence that society can have on us, poor consumer …
The next two short stories are part of the pure space opera / SF tradition. A Peripheral Affair tells us the story of a mysteriously disappeared spacecraft that will do the job of an extensive search in order to get its hands on it. But this will not be the hardest part of the job. Once found, it will be necessary to regain control and the protocols will slow down the recovery of the ship because the thief’s strategy will prove effective to say the least.
With Vaisseau de guerre, it is a vessel that will be at the center of the story for this shortest piece of news in the collection. She will tell us about the last moments of one of the members of a crew that has been spread by a deadly virus. the ship’s mission is to return to Earth, but how will it react to the virus and the threat it poses?
Doubtful Variants will no doubt be readers’ favorites, since this is the most substantial and surprising news in the book. The author shows his love for chess in a story that mixes revenge and science fiction. the subject is mastered without however that Martin knocks us out with details concerning the game. the whole is carried by worked characters who will face their past and their resentments. A text with a positive moral despite the hatred and negativity that emanates from it.
Finally, it is Besieged and its air of deja vu that will close this collection. It is in fact the augmented version of the very first story of the book, The Fortress, except that here science fiction makes its appearance. In principle, the same story. A troop is in the fort and the question of surrender still arises. The author “simply” added a few elements such as time travel in order to change the course of history, mutants and a futuristic research center, just that. This completely changes the face of the story, adds spice and puts the historical side in the background, a success for the amazing redesign of this news.

In the end, and despite my preconceptions, George R. R. Martin turns out to be a talented novellist. Even in his shortest texts the reader’s interest is held hostage until the end. At the same time, he proves that his register is much wider than what his most famous work can hide. Fantasy yes, but the guy also largely masters the history and science fiction that will be here at the heart of this “Under Siege”. It is also on more down-to-earth terrain that touches people and society more than it can surprise us. Weekend in War Zone and La Mort Est Mon Héritage are the proof.
So, if you only know the author through his bestseller, don’t hesitate to leaf through this collection of seven short stories, each as surprising as the next.