Gillian Flynn Gone Girl Audiobook

Gillian Flynn Gone Girl Audiobook

Gillian Flynn Gone Girl Audiobook
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Nick and Amy are a perfect couple: young, beautiful, rich. When Nick loses his job as a journalist in New York to open a bar in a lost corner of Missouri where he was born, Amy follows him. She adapts wonderfully to the region, takes care of her stepfather, an old libidinous man suffering from Alzheimer’s, of his stepmother who is dying of cancer.

She and her husband have everything in front of them. Maybe they will come back to New York. One day, maybe they will start a family.

But the child does not come despite tedious analyzes and, on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy disappears. Nick, called by a neighbor, finds a house ransacked where traces of blood indicate that a fight has taken place. Naturally he is suspected, but despite a rather vague alibi, left at large, the body remains untraceable.

The police are conducting the investigation and all the indications agree that he is the culprit. For his part, he tries to get to know his wife’s youthful friends who all tell him of a strange-faced Amy, bordering on harassment.

Himself is far from being exemplary, he has a young mistress. Excellent mobile to get rid of his wife. The image of the young couple in all respects shatters. Secrets not very beautiful surface, puzzles arise, all under the eye of ubiquitous cameras, because Amy was in her youth a heroine of children’s stories written by her parents, quite eccentric too.

In turn giving the floor to Nick and Amy who keep newspapers that are sometimes far from the truth, the author draws the reader into a whirlwind of lies, perversity, horror. “Our story is one of endless spells of terror,” says Nick. That of a manipulator who anticipates everything, plans everything months or even years in advance and has no other ambition than to “defeat her husband” like a puppet. She does not shy away from any ignoble, even unimaginable stratagem except in her perverse mind so that he bends to his least desires.

Gillian Flynn in his third novel Gone Girl plays with the horror of situations; of Amy’s psychotic character. Making the reader doubt until a last page of Gillian Flynn Gone Girl Audiobook  where all the elements of the disappearance of the young woman, which had been if not resolved, at least accepted are tied for the last time and in an irreversible and terrifying way.