Victoria Aveyard – Glass Sword Audiobook

Victoria Aveyard – Glass Sword Audiobook


Glass Sword Audiobook – (Red Queen, Book#2) By Victoria Aveyard



After having felt a crush for “Red Queen”, I hoped to enjoy this suite. Certainly, I expected to find some small flaws from one volume to another such as the absence of surprises, expected events or facilities, but I did not think that I would be shared with “Glass Sword” too! What annoyed me the most was Mare, the heroine, whose character, thoughts or actions made me clench my teeth. I found her very proud of herself and of her nickname “little lightning maker”. Irascible, she allows herself to get carried away, to lie, to look down on her and to command her little group of misfortune. Whether it’s her brother Shade, her childhood friend Kilorn, or the handsome Prince Cal, she treats them like nothing and shamelessly uses them. Undecided, she makes it clear that she is the leader of the New Bloods, then retracts a few pages further by saying that she does not wish to have responsibilities. And it will be constantly like this in her actions: she does not want to do such and such a thing, she will finally take action a chapter later. Here we have a disoriented Mare who no longer knows who to believe or what to do. We completely understand that she could be confused: she is still a teenager! Not long ago, she knew nothing about political intrigue, manipulation and the war she sought to avoid. There, she undergoes the events of the first volume and cannot keep her head above water. Completely lost, she lets her heart flutter between two men, while not hesitating to betray them or throw crap in their faces. What is reassuring is that Mikasa with whom I read this book almost gutted him too. Certainly, we suspect that all this is wanted by the author, however that did not prevent us from hating her. It remains to be seen if the physical and moral fall of the main character will really be useful later!

It’s difficult to fully appreciate a book when the heroine hits us on the system … So we fall back on the secondary characters … And for my part, it is not the allies that I preferred, but Maven, the sadistic antagonist of this opus! All the most interesting moments are about Maven. This guy is a real monster who stalks endlessly what he desires. He does not hesitate to commit heinous crimes to make people react, nor to leave messages that shiver down your spine. Cal, his brother, is nice but seems very bland in this opus. What he went through did not make him lose his bite, however I found him very withdrawn from Mare or the rebel group. the rest of the characters too… Certainly, Mikasa and I adored Kilorn, the disturbing mixed blood able to see the future named Jon, the fiery Cameron who does not hesitate to spit truths or even Farley. The latter seemed quite cold in “Red Queen”. Fortunately, she has revealed over the pages to take a place among our favorite characters. It is rare, however it happens: the protagonists revolving around the heroine are more interesting than this one! Only small problem: they are not developed enough! Mare takes up all the space in the story Glass Sword Audiobook free  …

If you like surprises, you can go your way: apart from the final scene that L_Bookine had spoiled for me following my pleas, we expect everything. moreover, the pace did not please me: it is slow, redundant and with little action. On the other hand, the last third is terribly panting! This is a lot of negative points that I put forward and there are certainly others that I forgot to mention… But then what makes me want to continue this saga? Several things: the author’s pen which remains fluid despite a few sentences that are not always well turned, a brilliant antagonist that I want to see more, a final which calls for reading more, an interesting universe and the number of volumes since it is is a trilogy. the text did not leave me indifferent: I got angry after Mare, I applauded the characters knocking him back, I jumped for joy at Maven’s interventions and I was out of breath during the last third of the novel! I therefore give you an appointment for the third and final volume ofsaga Victoria Aveyard’s in a year, when it comes out in pocket … Thank you again to Mikasa for this common reading and our discussions! We have often had the same feelings vis-à-vis the script or the characters. Do not hesitate to consult his opinion. Otherwise, I also advise you to read the review of L_Bookine which did not feel at all the same as us: for her, it is almost a crush. Whether you like or are disappointed with this second volume, one thing is certain: “Glass Sword” leaves no stone unturned!