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Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett – Good Omens Audiobook Clear Edition

Good Omens Audiobook




Terry Pratchett is the author of the incredible and funny Annals of the Discworld. Neil Gaiman has created remarkable novels (Neverwhere, American Gods,…) and a series of comics which is equally important (Sandman). Among other things, for the two artists. So when the two come together to write a novel, it gives Good Omens Audiobook and the least we can say is that this book sends a mess! 😉

The Antichrist is coming! So the Apocalypse is at hand – it will come when the Antichrist reaches his eleventh year, to be exact. Rampa – a demon – and Aziraphale – an angel – are therefore warned by their respective authorities that the great battle between Good and Evil is approaching. But Rampa and Aziraphale have been hanging out on Earth for a long time. Long time. Indeed, each one gives little nudges (towards Good or Evil, according to their respective camps) to push human souls a little towards such or such camp. But, working side by side for so long in this way, they have developed a kind of camaraderie, like two colleagues from rival companies fraternizing by dint of crossing paths in a common workplace. And then the Earth is still very pleasant to live in. If it became a permanent Hell or Paradise, it would become frankly unlivable! (yes, even if Heaven won, because in the one presented by our two authors, only very few musicians were able to access it. And they are not the most popular. Even Aziraphale grimaces imagining the musical universe of an Earth under the thumb of Paradise).

So much for the basic table! Add to this unlikely (but yet very endearing!) Pair of witch-hunters off the mark (or not), a satanic religious order having vowed to chatter, a very detailed and precise book of prophecies, a Bentley where all the songs played invariably end up turning into Queen pieces, The Horsemen of the Apocalypse (though Pestilence has retired, Pollution having taken over), an ineffable plan and a bunch of kids whose overflowing imaginations will prove to be much richer in consequences than they first thought.

The result ? A scathing novel that has titillated my zygomatics more than once, passages with biting irony, reflections not stung of verses on our little world of humans and its beliefs (the first pages set the tone from the start, with Rampa’s reflections on the famous forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden!) and a vision of the Apocalypse as irreverent as it respects clichés (yes, it is possible!). Without forgetting a beautiful tribute to childhood and imagination, by the way.

If some chapters seemed to me to carry more the mark of one or the other author, I must say that their joint work is really of high quality. If you are in need of a good delirious listen (and yet it holds up!), If the current world makes you desperate, or if, quite simply, you want a good listening , Good Omens Audiobook is for you! For my part, I loved it! 🙂

And, strawberry on the cake (I don’t like cherries), Neil Gaiman recently announced that a small screen adaptation is currently in the pipeline, with Terry Pratchett (posthumously) giving him his blessing for such an endeavor.
I had the opportunity to listen Good Omens Audiobook a lot of years ago, it was also my introduction to the respective worlds of the two authors and I loved it! With the release of the series I said to myself that it was the perfect opportunity for a replay. As I still had the edition that I had listen at the time, in English, I re listen the translation and if I was not delighted at first, I am ultimately very happy, the translation work by Patrick Marcel is downright impeccable, and any fantasy enthusiast knows just how hell Sir Pratchett’s footnotes are to translate!

We follow two characters who, literally, everything opposes: an angel and a demon who find themselves having a common mission as to the good progress of the coming apocalypse. However, Aziraphale and Rampa have known each other for millennia, have lived among humans since Adam and Eve (unlike their brothers and sisters who hardly come out of their Hell or Paradise) and come to fear a little that all this will stop.

One of the strengths of this book is definitely humor, very English for obvious reasons, which plays on expectations and commonplaces to turn them around in surprising and hilarious ways. But above all, and this is where the authors show all their ingenuity, by telling the story of an angel and a demon, this book happily comments on the behavior of humans and especially their excesses. Notably, the number of times Rampa admits not to be the source of such a massacre or genocide – humans go much further than demons could imagine, and this, all on their own. Of course, the novel also takes the opportunity to make some very scathing comments about the Church as an institution.

Demons and angels are also observed influencing mortals as best they can, not to mention the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who gather for the big day!

In short, Good Omens Audiobook is an excellent novel, whether you are a fan of fantasy or you want to discover the genre, go for it!

So I take this opportunity to slip a word on the television adaptation made by Amazon: it’s really damn successful, we feel that Neil Gaiman was behind to check and oversee all this so that the adaptation does justice to the work. starting point. We find the same humor, the characters just as endearing as in the book, damn talented actors and actresses, and especially as the context has changed (with almost thirty years of difference all the same), some references have been brought back to taste. of the day. If you like the world of authors and enjoyed the book, take a look.