Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of the Gods Audiobook

Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of the Gods Audiobook

Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of the Gods Audiobook



“Could the tale of humanity be far more established than we have recently accepted? Utilizing apparatuses as changed as archaeo-cosmology, geography, and PC investigation of antiquated fantasies, Graham Hancock presents a convincing case to recommend that it is.

In Fingerprints of the Gods Audiobook , Hancock sets out on an overall mission to assemble all the bits of the huge and interesting jigsaw of humanity’s covered up past. In old landmarks as far separated as Egypt’s Great Sphinx, the peculiar Andean remnants of Tihuanaco, and Mexico’s amazing Temples of the Sun and Moon, he uncovers not just the away from of an up ’til now unidentified human progress of distant relic, yet in addition surprising proof of its huge complexity, innovative headway, and developed logical information.

A record-breaking number one hit in Britain, Graham Hancock – Fingerprints of the Gods Audiobook  contains the makings of a scholarly unrest, an emotional and irreversible change in the way that we comprehend our past—thus our future.

What’s more, Fingerprints of the Gods Audiobook reveals to us something else. As we recoup reality with regards to ancient times, and find the genuine significance of antiquated legends and landmarks, it becomes clear that an admonition has been passed on to us, a notice of horrendous calamity that besets the Earth in extraordinary cycles at unpredictable timespans—an upheaval that might be going to repeat.”

Hancock is a British essayist and columnist. He is known for his pseudoscientific theories including antiquated civic establishments, Earth changes, stone landmarks or stone monuments, modified conditions of cognizance, old fantasies, and cosmic or visionary information from an earlier time. He brings up questionable issues about mankind’s past.

Hancock’s works propose an association with a ‘mother culture’ from which he accepts other antiquated human advancements sprang.] A case of pseudoarchaeology, his work has neither been peer surveyed nor distributed in scholastic diaries.

In this book, he recommends that perhaps around 11,000 BC there was a prevalent human advancement what was cleared out in an ice age. He calls attention to that some of our old civic establishments of which we have records show that “the time of change from crude to cutting edge society seems to have been short to such an extent that it bodes well. Mechanical aptitudes that ought to have taken hundreds or even a large number of years to advance were carried into utilization practically overnight–and with no evident precursors whatever.”

It is an exceptionally long book with huge amounts of exploration and on location examination to help his theory, or maybe the readings and on location work made his theory. Exceptionally fascinating, and not in any manner paranoid notion feed. Only a great deal of profound perusing and thinking. You can tell that individuals fear this theory due to all the negative audits proposing deception, whatever blah. The fundamentalist religionists are unquestionably shocked and alarmed, as it conflicts with the lessons of their writings, which they have never halted to consider may very well be as lie y and anecdotal as whatever else. Little personalities, and so on.

I am not saying I concur with Mr. Hancock, yet permitting oneself the chance of a bigger and longer history of man (and woman)kind than we at present hold dear can just improve our mental aptitude. All things considered, he isn’t stating it was outsiders. A long way from it. He is stating that another human progress created to the point of higher innovation and afterward was cleared out.


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