Timothy Zahn – Heir To The Empire Audiobook

Timothy Zahn – Heir To The Empire Audiobook


Heir To The Empire Audiobook – By Timothy Zahn



The Mad Jedi’s Dark Crusade, Volume 1

The fall of the Death Star at the end of Episode IV and the death of Emperor Palpatine did not mean the Empire’s final fall. Certainly, the future of the New Republic, young and fragile offspring of the Rebellion is shaping up to be auspicious, but nothing can be taken for granted.

On the one hand, the political Jouvencelle is responsible for establishing a democracy with its rules, its freedoms and expanding its area of ​​influence. On the other hand, it is necessary to bring down the last enemy strongholds. The tasks are multiple, the ambitions high and the paths not only tortuous but multiple. There will be good decisions, and bad decisions, as will new admirers and future disappointments of the Republican promise.

The Heir to the Empire by T Zahn (this one is easy!) offers us the first volume of a full-bodied trilogy (no one, I know ) which demonstrates all the difficulties and hazards of the ex-Rebellion bet.

The Empire is not dead. Its resources are not entirely destroyed, and its followers are numerous. Among them is Grand Admiral Thrawn, a non-human who “pacified” a planet during the events of Return of the Jedi, and who has been leading rearguard battles until now. Yes, because this great Chef has a vision, a project and a strategy.

Who says Grand Admiral, says Fleet and super-destroyers, yet it is out of the question to face the New Republic face to face; man is a formidable adversary, endowed with great patience, remarkable capacities for reflection and deduction, and unfailing determination. The sieur is a keen believer in the Empire. Its aim is to undermine the influence of the fragile Democracy, to sabotage its logistical cores, and if possible to rob it of hope.

He manages to find the last Jedi Master, Jorus a little crazy, and especially in need of domination. This ally reinforces the imperial threat, because the plans set in motion are rather clever and effective.

For its part, the New Republic saw its first political upheavals, with ambitious and manipulative parties, without waiting to see the cold corpse of the Empire before their eyes, a position of the most inconsistent … Finally, it is to wonder if Thranw really needs a Mad Jedi to achieve his Restoration goal….

You can imagine from reading these few lines that this novel is rather well designed and that it thrills the reader. Besides the conflicts and dangers both internal and external which add a sense of impending doom, we discover an adventure novel worthy of the best episodes of thefranchise Star Wars.

The plot is rather well put together, the author T Zhan, masters both the timing and the diversity of the adventures, giving the whole a very pleasant rhythm. The influence struggle aspect plays on the emotion of amateurs who appreciate Admiral Ackbard, to the point that what he undergoes is strong coffee (sorry!).

Well orchestrated and quite visual space fights. Humor and emotion are at the rendezvous as the main characters Leia, Yan, Luke, Chewie and our robots come to life when reading. They are perfectly reproduced in this novel, both in their attitudes and in their interactions.

On the villainous side, Thrawn is a fantastic, almost endearing Imperial officer. Cold, intelligent, sensitive, determined, he is far from being mad or fanatic. He has an ounce of cruelty that prevents him from being classified as “nice”, but remains very charismatic. It should be noted that the characters imagined by the author are overall very successful, from Jorus to the leader of the smuggler Karrde.

Among the other positive points to note, there is the description of the planet of the wokies, that imagined by the author, Myrk, the mark of the smugglers, or the ships or new technologies.

However, all is not perfect. There is very little interaction between Yan and Leïa, their dynamic is rather on the reserve, as well as a big ropes, like the fact of finding themselves conveniently near the shipyards…. And above all a translation that leaves much to be desired. Timothy Zahn – Heir To The Empire Audiobook .

  • As an Egyptian deity would mention, there is DIY (Do It Yourself) with words just not translated like gambit! (P48)
  • Expressions rarely used in French: ” I consider it good (instead of good)… barbarian.
  • Center / center style repeats used 3 times in 3 lines (p59) or dome p98.
  • Lots of heavy phrases like, “Look, I know you’re only thinking about protecting her all these times.” “P125 or” 10 minutes after they had escaped the super destroyer. »P 209 (I don’t know I would have seen more fluid with: 10mn after having escaped the super-destroyer)…

There are only a few examples, but it is not because it is Star Wars that the reader should not be entitled to a good translation!

The Heir to the Empire is a very enjoyable novel, with action, humor and tension. A beautiful job which judiciously enriches theuniverse Star Wars. I warmly recommend it to fans of the franchise, and to those who want a fun adventure.