Holly Black – The Wicked King Audiobook

Holly Black – The Wicked King Audiobook (The Folk of the Air, Book#2)

Holly Black - The Wicked King Audiobook (The Folk of the Air, Book#2)
Holly Black – The Wicked King Audiobook (The Folk of the Air, Book#2)



This second volume completely finished me. That’s all for this column.
Joking aside, this sequel literally exceeded everything I had hoped for. She took my breath away several times. Jude and Cardan are more frustrating than ever, wanting without wanting to be. By saying “frustrating”, I am of course talking the right way. They were driving me crazy. It’s the right word. DINGUE sums up this book perfectly.

The story resumes shortly after THE FINAL EPIC OF VOLUME 1. Suffice to say that we are getting straight to the heart of the matter. Holly Black’s writing style is still top, sought after, original, addictive and… magical. These are the only HB novels I have read and it has so far amazed me. I do not have so many arguments to support my words except that this story is a real favorite for me and that rare are the novels that have frustrated me so much! The character of Cardan is so perfect, a badboy of excellence as we love them so much we hate them. He proved to us once again that he was perfect in his game …
Look at these sublime fanart made by Cardan and Jude, just that, I DRIVE. With hindsight, honestly, I cannot find a negative point on these novels. Ah yes … maybe a … WITHDRAWAL PERIOD. Holly Black – The Wicked King Audiobook . Volume 3 is scheduled for 2020, can you tell me how we can wait so long ?! We have already survived 1 year between the 2 volumes when the end had left us something to simmer. Here it’s WORSE.

The level of English is the same as in the first volume. So, if you survived and understood the story in the first, I strongly invite you to read this second volume! It can be read and despite a few words of vocabulary to look for, it remains a suitable reading but always adapt to those who already have a good base in English. Beginners would risk … being disappointed with the novel and giving up on the first pages. It is not a reading that I recommend to them anyway.

In short, if you read this volume BY PITEIE TELL ME HOW YOU FIND IT.